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Friday in the show line I met Rodger Kendall and his girlfriend Vicky. (cue the banjos) Rodger was dating Vicky's SISTER for over a year.(I asked them if they were at the right show) One day when they all went to get cigarettes and to make a county story short. Rodger and Vicky are now in love. They do romantic things like go to AA together. (Hey at least they go.) I enjoyed them and they were so nice to me. They look so happy! Come back and see me when you go to the Ellen show. Yeew HawPunette Dhaliwal,Mandeep Mander, Sandip Dhillon,Gagan Bains,Kamal Bains. They were hoping to get on the front row(Next time ladies) but they loved the show anyway!

I met the one person who could make me feel normal. It's the "Famous in 31 days" Guy. I met him in the morning and his plan was to camp out in front of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for the next seven days. I gave him a ticket to the show.
He sold his house to finance this "creative way to become famous". He is down to his last seven days. He sent emails to the producers of the show to let them know his plan.He knew so much about how television work. I only know what I have observed this last year.

He got a call from Larry G. saying that it's not a great ideal to camp out in front of the show, Thanks anyway. 31 days guy said how nice Larry was, very professional. I think Larry is the guy who has the cool Superman hair and works out. Larry is the Supervising Producer. I guess that means he supervises all of the producers. He is Superman! Tony Head of security told Famous in 31 days guy not to disrupt the show or do anymore taping on NBC property.

Famous in 31 day's guy thought my story was interesting. He does video blogs. That's much higher than what I can do.

Famous in 31 days guy said that he couldn't stay in line like I do and watch the show for seven days. He thought the process was grueling. After the first guest he was ready to go. I'm excited every Sunday because I know I get to go to the T.S the next day! I Love it.

Famous in 31 day's guy said he was going to link me to his website. Thanks. He also talked to Tomas who works at the Tune up shop across the street from the show. Tomas is my critic. He tells me what he doesn't like or like about my blog as I go to my car after the show. Tomas is a great guy. Every body's a critic. Famous in 31 Day's guy. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the next seven days. I wish you the best.
I know a great guy named Raymond who has original and signed scripts from one of my three favorite sitcoms. (Seinfeld,Beverly Hillbillies, and and the British show Keeping up Appearances)

Raymond Torres knew Barney Martin who played Jerry's father on the show Seinfeld. Raymond is living with HIV.(This is hard for me to write) Barney's wife Cathrine would cook for and raise money for the Aids support group at their church.

Raymond is allowed by law to smoke marijuana to help his symptoms. In Barney's last days of cancer. Catherine called Raymond and asked if Barney could have some of the marijuana to help ease Barry's pain. It worked Barry lived happy and a little longer than the doctors gave him.

Catherine was cleaning out her house and had all of this Seinfeld stuff that she was going to throw away. Raymond said he would take it. Catherine is still alive and in her 90's. Raymond really needs money. I have never asked for money on this blog and I never thought I would ask for someone else.
If you know someone who would like to buy some of these items please contact...hmm I don't know? I guess leave me a comment about it. Raymond need to buy the medicine to keep himself alive. This is truly life or death situation. If I had thousands of dollars I would buy the autographed scripts and pictures for myself. I love that show.

I'm sitting in a loving of all people church now blogging and trying not to cry. First Christian Church Of North Hollywood.All are welcome! I don't know why Raymond came to me. I guess he knows I blog almost everyday and I would do my best. I'm always at the church or the Tonight Show.Plus I have known Raymond for years and never knew he had HIV. Would you treat someone differently if you found out something like that?

When you know better you do better. Please help. I feel like of all the people in the world I was chosen to help in this case. I know Raymond and I pray that some how I can help. Please. If you are reading this on Sunday I will have more pictures of Raymond's collection tomorrow.

He has the Wizard Scripts signed and the Wizard that was used on the show. That was a great episode.

If nothing else ever becomes of this blog I hope that it helps Raymond. Thanks You.

GLOZELLS GHETTO GOSSIP-----------------------------------------------------------------
How Stupid is OJ Simpson. Anyone?
This fool has gotten away with murder of two people.Two white people! And might go to jail for robbery!To get some of his stuff back.

Is there going to be a trial? OJ needs to go to jail for being that dumb!Dumb jail party of one.

There is no pulp left in that OJ -----------------------------------------------------------------

Did you hear that Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger are getting a divorce?Dear Michelle,

Girlfriend I know you were looking for love. You just can't catch a break. You divorced your parents when you were young. You were on the show Dawson's Creek,And now this. I have to just tell you strait up. Heath( who is straight) fell in love with you during the tapping of the movie Brokeback Mountain! Where he plays a gay cowboy. Of coarse he fell in love with you, of course he told you everything you wanted to hear. There was nothing else in the mountains. It was either you or a goat! So from now on meet guys in the Valley, okay.