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Glo is Rocking!

In line today I met Byron with Kucinich for President.Org. Byron asked every one to please vote.Maurice came to the show today. Maurice is less frustrated this week because he got a call from someone who can hook him up, job wise in the field of movie production. Maurice spent most of the day counting the people in line. He counted for about three hours.(Maurice is also a actor/model for hire) Roxanne and her sister Shirley encouraged Maurice to count. Rox is on the phone telling her son about me and the fun she was having in the line.(Thanks)

Dodger Dave came to the show with his girlfriend who took a big fat nap. Dodger Dave walked down the street and bought his girl some flowers but she didn't want them so he gave them to someone else.
Who left them behind the bushes.
Before the show Mr. Sprinkles(the older guy with white hair who holds cue cards) who is usually relaxed couldn't get the name card on Jack's The Bunz Camera. He tried for minutes. Finally he got it. When Jack got to his camera he had to redo the card. Good try anyways Mr. Sprinkles.
On the show Jay made a joke saying that all white people look alike. Then he said that's why he mistook Dennis J. Kucinich for Dwayne The Rock Johnson".

First of all Jay "The Rock" isn't white. I don't know what they call Samoans in Beverly Hills where you live, but on Crenshaw,Ingelwood,Compton they are Black. Didn't you notice that there were 15 black people at the show today.
Dennis J. Kucinich is running for President. That's news to me. He didn't wear a suit.(different but cool) The show spotlighted his wife...they didn't put a spotlight on other candidates wives.
He said it was love at first sight...there is not that much eyesight in the world. His wife was very good looking...Unless he has a nice horseless carriage and saved her from a life of the Amish because she got tired of making quilts. I don't know how they got together. She is 6ft and he is 4 apples tall. If she can fall in love with him...maybe the world can. Kucinich for President.
The third D on the show Dianna Krall. I loved her music with the three wise me playing in the back. Great music.


Did you hear that Rosie wrote a book where she trashes "The View" and B. Walters but she turned down the offer to talk about her book on Oprah.

Speaking of Lesbians! (that was smooth) There is a new book coming out next year written by the lady who played Marcia on the Brady Bunch. It's suppose to reveal that she was hooking up with the girl who played Jan. Now there is a story! Marcia Marcia Marcia what the Beep beep beep was going on! The Nasty Bunch.

This was the supposed to be the American family. Backstage the father was gay, the oldest son made out with the mom and now this. We will find out for sure when the books hit the shelves.

Marcel Marceau 1923---2007 Holocaust Survivor---and Mime

I leave you with his most famous words