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The Glo Wisperer

It's 99cent 2 piece chicken and Popeye's! I try to be healthy but I can't even get two apples for 99 cent.

I heard from my computer teacher Rithy that at Famous in 31 days. com has a nice video about the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I. So please go to Famous in

Marissa and Robin was in line today at 4:30 AM.
Marissa's boyfriend was in the silliest car accidents I have ever seen. John was backing out in the NBC parking lot, saw the brand new BMW of a Days of your Lives employee but didn't think the car was as close as it was. John backed into it. Every on in line saw it and asked him"didn't you hear the horn"? He heard it but didn't know it was coming from the car behind him.
In line I met Gail, Joe, and Debbie. Debbie has lost 15 pounds since may on the Lendora Diet even thought she cheats.Only 60 carbs. Debbie shared her protein bars but Joe ate a sandwich.

Debbie son (Who turned 18 today and watches Jay everyday) asked his mom to call his girlfriend Roquel's school pretend to be her parent so she could leave school early to go to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Eric(his father) called but didn't know how to spell her name...she still was able to leave early.

Eric is a pastor at The Mariners Church in Newport Coast Dr. in Irvine California. Eric said that they worship aliens... I can't wait to visit. They were wild and crazy Christians! They are fun!

Roberta is a Studio Teacher. That means she teaches kids who are on movie sets. Roberta is a big Reba fan and is wearing from head to toe Reba Wear. I didn't even know Reba had a clothing line.

Yanel Escobar(She has Escobar tatooed on her lower back) and her boyfriend Jose Arteaga were love muffins all day! She even popped his zit in line! They were fun and have know each other since middle school.

Guest: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Usually she wears something form fitting. Jennifer has big thighs and hips.(not in a bad way) Today she had on this white 80's Prom dress that did hug her curves. Jennifer looked like it was her Quinceanera. The white was wasn't a flatering color on her. She looked like...a Ghost Whisperer.

Jeff Corwin and the animals. The wolves and the leopard maybe it was a cheetah was cute. Jay loves to think that just because he has a cat that he is good with the wild cats. Jay is like"shhh shhh shhh" to the leopard before it bit his hand. (it was a small on so no blood or anything) Jay thinks he's a leopard whisperer.

REBA MCENTIRE AND VINCE GILL This was one of the few time I wish I could met a guest. I love Reba and watch her show in reruns. She is the biggest star( I would faint if Dolly Parton was ever on the show) Thanks Tonight Show With Jay Leno for booking Reba!

Keiffer Sutherland Got arrested for drunk driving. That man hasn't been right ever since Julia Roberts dumped him. He has been a drunk ever since. Then she married Lyle Lovett. They were only married for about 24 hours.

Mike Tyson might go to jail for possession of cocaine, pot while drinking and driving. Who is going to be his cell mate...Hannibal Lector? They can spend the time biting one another.