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Good luck to the Famous in 31 day's guy. Tomorrow is the big day. Go to Famous in 31 and Greg the "Great Comic"
I'm sure that this baby will enjoy this moment forever!Kathy Lee from Austin Texas and I passed the time by talking about the stars! On the show Jessica Alba. She was beautiful.Remember when she broke up with her boyfriend.?I think it was because she wanted to hook up with Dane Cook her costar, realized she did want Dane or he couldn't "cook"and then went back to her boyfriend because they were on a break.

DL Hughley was funny! He was the funniest he has ever been.Cold War Kids was the musical guest. They were different. I found them entertaining. I liked the guy writing on a board. I just wonder what else they can come up with.GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP----------------------------------------------------------------

Have you heard of Kid's Nation. It's this jacked up town run by kids! No adults!Brittany's Kids were crying because they already live there!
Why is this Phil Sector Trial taking so long! One house, two people, one is dead.What's the problem? Couldn't somebody arrest him based on his hair! How many people has he killed with hair spray alone!

GLOZELL"S GHETTO GRIPE!_---------------------------------------------------------------

I am sick and tired of sitting next to smelly people at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Due to the fact that it is free. When winter comes there are a couple of homeless people. Fine, I don't mind talking to them, feeding them, praying for them...its the sitting next to them for over an hour!

I don't mind them coming to the show. You can't say if your house is made of cardboard then you can't come in? However, I want a scratch and sniff clause! If you Stank you Ain't...going in to see the show.

My solution is to Fabreezethe funk. Say it with me now... Fabreeze the Funk. ..Fabreeze the Funk!

Oh you think I'm joking! I don't want to hear a word when I start spraying the water and soap impaired!

I don't mind the smell of potpourri but I have problems with the smell of Di-a-ree