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I had a meeting with Pastor today. I was so sick thinking I was going to get kicked out of the church because of this blog. I was prepared to resign from my Eldership and my Minister of Music position.

I never got in to much trouble growing up. Moving to California,dating a white man, and sitting at the Tonight Show for 151 times in a row is wild.

Pastor mentioned the blog but he wanted to know about the 7:30 service that I am the musician for. It has turned into a Bible Study format that will be taught by to women.

I told Pastor that I have never been lead by a woman only and that I don't know if having women "preach the 7:30 service will cause people "Men" not to come. Or people who are not use to a woman only preaching service.

Do you think that a woman can run a church? Are there women Rabbi's? I'm a little old fashion in believe that a man should run a church... I am willing to be open about it and see. So glad I'm not in trouble. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maurice Davis passed by today. When Maurice first got to California he was so upset. He is in the business and no one was returning his call. He spent 4o dollars at the 99cent store for noodles to eat. Maurice said he is TIRED of struggling. I asked him how long has he been beating the pavement here in California....He said 2 months.

John Melendez came out to shoot a bit. (I'm learning the lingo) This is thrilling for the line. I had to tell quite a few people who he was and what he does at the show but I was thrilled!

They had to do take after take. He was outside for a while. Someone asked him to take a picture. I didn't ask because I thought he would turn me down.(I don't know how people think of me at the show)

John said "Hi GloZell". I almost died. It was like I was apart of the cool crowed.

I asked for a picture and he said YES! Wow and he said my name two more times! I love John Melendez !He is a cool dude.

I don't know who left of who was added but the writers have been on fire ever since the two weeks off. Great job! Jay's monologue, all of the skits, everything.

Jamie Foxx was tipsy. He was all that you wanted from him he played with the next guest Tim Gunn the fashion guru. The casting was great with him. The last time he was on the show Foxx was booked with another great comedian and Jamie didn't get a chance to do his thang. This time he was the only comic and . Perfect!

Musical guest was Paolo Nutini. Okay...I love his song "Last Request" it is beautiful. However he had to be high or on somebody's new drug. He never opened his eyes and I couldn't understand all that he was singing. I didn't care because I had to go to the bathroom so bad. (I had to pee like a bullfrog) There was a loud noise and Paolo had to sing the song again. NO!

GRANT MY LAST REQUEST AND JUST SHUTUP! I suffered through another version of" Great my last request and ret me rold rou, don't rold ry roluders, lay down and die. Grant my rast requrest rea ree rah raaaa. Open your mouth pothead. I like the original song not the Scooby Doo remix.

In Paolo Nutini's band was this Carrot Top like being, playing the viola type instrument. What was that?

I was still happy after the show. Boyfriend and I went to and Indian restaurant on Ventura. This couple turned around to leave and I shouted "I love you, I love you both!" It was William Daniels!...The guy from St. Elsewhere...The Kit voice on Knight Rider"!... I love television stars! I would probably faint if I ever met the Pine Sol Lady.

Remember, don't worry... ever...

LoVe Ya,


GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP -----It's nice to know that the stars seem to behaving themselves today------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I graduated from the University of Florida(Go Gators) in 1997. I was shocked that the Gainesville Police tasered that male student for asking a question to John C. The way they threw him down and tasered would have thought the guy was black. That is not the Gainesville Police I feared.(Black people can't have nothing!)

I know this is wrong but what goes around comes around. Tom Cruise brought this on himself and his family because he slammed Brooke Shields. Have you seen Tom's child with Katie Holems.?..All I know is they had better read that girl the Ugly Duckling story every night.

What else is there...oh when in doubt you can always talk about Crack Heads! Whitney Houston and Bobby are divorcing. I was watching his show Being Bobby Brown. And on one episode Whitney called him into the bathroom to help remove a turd that was stuck.(So Gross) I never watched it again... I knew it was a matter of time before she left, and got herself together. She allowed him to pull her way down. I 'm glad she can remove Brown out of her life all by herself.