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GloZell is Rrrrrr Right

Boyfriend planned the whole day. His driving scares me! I pray every time I ride with him.

Boyfriend is a member of the Science Fiction and Horror Academy. Which has screenings of different movies. Today it was the "Simpsons". Very Funny. I took a picture with Irwin Keyes who was one four episodes of Jeffersons! I know my TV.

He didn't like this picture
or this one
He approved of this one.-Actors... Boyfriend and I went to the Hood to get me some new hair and earrings!When we got to Boyfriends friends condo I potted a pumpkin growing! Hey I can see my pumpkin. Leonard Quan has been in a chair over 15 years. He was lead to do what he could with his hands.
His wife JJ showed us some of Leonard's work! Look at what God can do!

They also make bugs that can go on your weeding cake, or look like you, or anything you want.

They have a dog child named Pickles

They gave me a Wee Bug and Leonard is going to make me a Jay Leno Wee Bug!

Then boyfriend told me we were going to a Pirate Birthday party. (Pirates! How old are these people, I don't know nothing about no stinking Pirates)

I thought I would just watch the dogs poop! I wasn't in the mood for this.
Then I looked at BoyfriendAnd I became a Pirate also

The plates were maps and we got stickers

This is the Birthday Boy

And she made the cake.

Boyfriend kept watch while I was in the da potty. Remember, all dogs go to Heaven!

LoVe Ya,




Michael Vick the football player who is going to go to trial for starving, fighting, choking, hanging and drowning pit bull dogs.

Dear Michael Vick,

What was going through you pee brain you stupid piece of trash? I hold dog doo in higher regard than you. I would love to kick you in your TINY LITTLE vick (Place wiener dog picture here)

And you found God! Hmmm last I checked He is not lost, you are Fool. You would have never "Found God" if the Police didn't "Find you".

You should be nice to dogs since you look like one. You better be glad that I'm not the judge and jury for your case.


Michael "Sick" Vick I summons you to three days in a cage with a STARVING CANNIBAL.

I wonder if the Devil's hounds will show you the same courtesy when you arrive.

For those of you who think that it's no big deal it's just dogs. Tell it to the winner of the dog fight