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Glo and the President of the United States of America

In line today I met Rita and Larry Boccadori from Stranton PA. When they came to the show Oct.2nd 2001 Rita was picked to go to the hot dog place across the street with a wheel barrel and bring the audience hot dogs. It made her a star in Stranton (That's where the show (The Office takes place)

Yesterday I met Fran who told me her sister was coming to the show today with her friend. Sonia from Methoen Mass. and Chuck from New Hampshire. They know that Jay Loves Tripoli Pizza and Bakery. Sitting to their right is Mary and John from they became friends in the line.

Fred Thompson is running for President of the United States of America! He announced it on the show! He has a creative following.

Jackie and Dunlap from Red State Update .com showed their support Fred Thompson. They interviewed and kept the interest on the people in line. (They also called my by my name as they were walking up to the line, they read my blog)

Second guest was Jerome Bettis from NBC Sports. I enjoyed him this time. I loved his stories about his family. Today was a great show. I was so thankful that Jay didn't ask him "how do you feel about Michael Vick. He asked Tiki Barber that question when he was on the show.

One of my favorite people made an appearance. Jeff B.(The wardrobe man) and Lenny the lint brush. Jeff B. came out twice to delint Jay's suite. Is the air thicker on stage? How much lint could possibly jump on Jay after he does his monologue and during the first break? I love it. Jeff B. and Lenny crack me up!

I also met a group called. California for Thompson .com(Paul Ruiz,Richard Rios, Jason Scalese, Steve Knehans, Jim and Galen, and Sunanna.

Sunanna had a H. Clinton Nut Cracker. Everyone wanted to take a picture with it. Sunanna wanted to give it to Fred Thompson but she wasn't allowed to bring it in.

The Ellen Show is back! That means I get to met cool and interesting young people like the group of ladies I met today going to see Ellen! Welcome Back.

Travis Tritt was the best. Country Music stars always bring it. Travis was awesome, I wanted to jump up and dance.

Remember, The White House can be a little nutty, so it's time for some Law and Order.

LoVe Ya,


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP!

Did you know that Bendi Irwin has a new children's clothing line? This girl has been on tour ever since her father(Who the world loved) Steve Erwin passed away.

Bendi and her mother toured the US and did the Tonight Show and Ellen. The mother was crying and the girl was consoling her.

Ever since her father passed away she has been singing, performing, giving speeches and now a clothing line.

Someone should make her just be a kid. Stay out of the lime light for a few years. This child hasn't mourned yet. They need some time off. Bendi seems fine now, but I hope she is getting some serious counseling.

I think someone might want to sit her down and tell her that her father died. I don't think she knows. She has a beautiful smile. I just pray that she turns out alright and that she is not just putting up a front. She is just a kid.

If not one day she might freak. They are going to open up the Zoo and when they go to the see the Alligators. All they are going to see is handbags, shoes and belts because she lost it. Mark my words. I felt like I haven't gotten over Steve Irwin's passing. And I thought he was crazy to do some of the things he did. His own young child tours and starts a clothing line? I hope that people are really watching her closely and not just trying to make a profit. And giving the boy attention also.

When Princess Diana died Prince William and Henry didn't go on a tour as children. They were protected as best as possible from the public until they were older.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died I didn't see the "I Have a Dream clothing line". All of his children grew up to be great people. I just hope that Bendi will turn out alright.NEXT-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Okay, Shaq has is filing for divorce because he said that his wife has been miss handling his money.

Mrs. Shaq are you crazy! Shaq thinks he is Superman. And since he is about four hundred pounds, he can be whatever he says.

Why woman, don't you have everything you ever wanted? What else did you need do you need!
If he goes through with the divorce, you are jacked up because who is going to date you. Nobody! Who can fill Shaqs shoes? Nobody!

With whatever money you get in the settlement I suggest you go to Dr. 90210 because you have had his big headed babies. I knew a girl who dated Shaq way before you married him. This was in Orlando Florida and she still limps to this day. Because Shaq is