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Cirque De GloZey

In line today I met Jerrianne(Who just finished the LA Triathlon) and her son Drew Davis (Who his mother calls Romeo because he has so many hot ladies. Women must really love TAB.Cute dogie who couldn't go to the show.Emily from Chicago and Angela who's husband is in the NAVY and is stationed in California. Danny (With the huge Muscles!Yeah) his beautiful wife Wendy and their lovely friends Arleane and Allan from Visalia California.They have friends who are a part of The Dream Center which is a 24hr/7days a week church and outreach.Jeff and Michelle are on Vacation and they love it when "Ross the Intern" is on the showAngela was embarrassed when Emily put on her deodorant. Chile don't be embarrassed if my friend was about to Monkey under the pits I would be glad she was tyring to stop it! Okay.
Mary from England is Back! I met her and her husband Vic last September. It was my 35 show! I gave her my number and she has been in contact with me all year! They are great!

On the show today was Brad Garratt. He just walked across the lot because he did the Ellen Show today first. Christine,Kim and Lili went to Ellen, the whole audience got Razor phones.

Brad Garrett is funny and off the chain. Most people think of him as this tall nice sweet guy from Everybody Loves Raymond. However he is an actor people. Brad said and I quote" I take Viagra so I can stop disappointing my hand" and " It cost to much to take women out. Women's" (private parts) are shaped that way so men can run a credit card through them.

Ashley Force who Drag Race professionally! She was beautiful. I could tell that heels and dresses are not the norm for her. Ashley was stunning anyways. You Glo Girl.

Cirque De Soleil was fun to watch. I have seen them before and I always love what they can do with their bodies. Today they just jumped on a bed. Still it was interesting to watch and different that the usual rock bands I see.

Remember, Always do your best to smell good in public.
LoVe Ya,

GLOZELL"S GHETTO GOSSIP----------------------------------------------------------------

Did you hear about the MTV Music Awards Show?

Okay what is wrong with Brittany Spears? I will tell you. She hasn't been right ever since she kissed Madonna.
Brittany got married and had two children from Kevin Federline, a man who left his pregnant girlfriend to be with Brittany. Can somebody help Brittany! She looked a slap mess at the MTV Music Awards this week.She is confused! She needs to cut off that red string Madonna gave her and go to the 24hr Dream Center Church and Outreach. Call on the Lord Brittany! Call on the Lord!The only one who thought Brittany was great looking stupid was Shar Jackson...Kevin's first baby momma.

Okay, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a fight at the MTV Music Awards! Over Pamela Anderson!

She was married to both. Let me get this straight. Pamela Has Hepatitis C.(an STD) and two men are fighting over her.
If I have a cold no one comes near me. But Pamela has a moldy box and two Rockers fight over it. Not Fair!
Kid Rock punched Tommy Lee before people broke the fight up. Kid Rock better watch his back, because if what people are saying is true about Tommy Lee Jr. Tommy can slap Kid down without using his hands.Okay!She has mushrooms growing!It doesn't matter if you look like this. I have a pimple on my right behind cheek...Anybody getting ready to rumble? I guess you have to be sexy even ,if you have warts.