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I will blog after the show...I think

I just got word that my Pastor wants to talk to me after the Tonight Show with Jay Leno show today. I have a few thoughts. He has never wanted a meeting with me before. I know it has to do with this blog! I guess I can't blog from the church. Or maybe I can't be and Elder-musician and do this blog. It could have something to do with Raymond's story from yesterday.

All I know that I'm sure I'm in trouble. What if Jay came to my church. Would anyone say you can't do your jokes about people and participate with service? They might if he was an Elder. I understand conflict of interest.

I think of my self as someone who "Roast" people. You know the "star" is fine with what your saying. Or maybe I'm just making more of this than it is. Or maybe I'm just wrong!

What if I have to choose between the church work and this blog? I guess it would be no problem if I never spoke of the church and my involvement...hmm. But that wouldn't be my life. My life is my family,Boyfriend,Church, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I will be thinking about this all day. I don't know when I will blog today, if I blog today, where I'm blogging today. This is what I'm going through today.

I do have two different worlds, but so does everyone else? I just write everything down. This is my life as it's happening. Oh well... I let you know about the meeting and the result of.

Can you be a comic and still be a singer,actress,writer of non christian stuff and still be christian? I will find out huh?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In line today I just sat thinking about what my meeting was about when all of a sudden. Reggie was crossing the street. Reggie use to be the minister at the 7:30 service at my church. We had a great talk and he was just finishing an audition.(talk about a sign) Reggie believes that the Bible is straight up. No Gays in the ministry etc. Should I go back to that way of thinking? Am I just trying to live in two worlds? Is God going to punish me because of my blog? Am I leading the wrong way?---------------------------

In line I sat next to Gary and Jan who act like newlyweds but have been married for over 30 years! Gary is the manager in the shoe department of Fred Meyer in Port Orchard Washington.

Guest: Howie Mandel was funny as always! Just don't try to shake his hand. I love that little tuff of hair under his chin.

Guest:Amanda Bynes was pretty. The best part of her interview was her dad.

Emmylou Harris was on the show. I guess that's the closest Jay is going to get to a Emmy.Unlike Conan who one an Emmy last night. Congratulations! I guess the four people who watch your show are very proud of you.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I went to The First Christian Church of North Hollywood to met with Pastor. I was prepared for him to tell me that I can no longer participate as an Elder or Minister of Music because of the content of my blog. I get there and he wants to have it tomorrow morning. Great!

As I walked back to my car I realized that. I can't be in trouble because of my blog. Bill Hayes(Who is an active Elder at my church and I love) and his wife Susan is doing a fundraiser at our Church on This Saturday. Both of them are on Day's of Our Lives. Have you watched that show? I do. No one knows who the baby daddy is. Everyone is having relations with one another, drugs and drinking. If I got to go...they got to go also...right? Or is the ruls different if you a celebrity.
While I was at the church I decided to blog because I might have to stop after this meeting with pastor. Raymond came by and thanked me for what I said about him yesterday.He is selling some great Seinfeld items. ( I would love to have them) I feel like I'm doing the right thing but... should I not help because he is HIV positive? I have to help. I have to. Isn't That the Jesus way?WWJD?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP

Why are people trying to take Brittany Spears kids away? I understand that she is nuts. And that she doesn't own underwear.

Brooke Shields who is older did the same thing on purpose. But what's worse. Brooke was on Oprah and said that after having her baby she was depressed and felt like hurting her child. Brooke said that she would think about killing herself and the child.

Where is the couch hopping, alien, cradle robbing, good looking Tom Cruise to say how crazy Brittany is?

Dr. Phil on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week said that Michael Vick's dog fighting wasn't cultural and he should be punished. In the same interview Dr. Phil said that the Principal who left her baby in the car for 8 hours and the baby died just made a mistake. What!
Just because Dr. Phil is in front of people and tall. Doesn't make him right all of the time. I just want people to think for themselves and not follow people! (note to self)

OJ is so stupid I think I might decide to change my race! I can't not believe that he is going to jail for robbery and got away with murder.

The Emmys..Whoopie everyone was beautiful and Sally Feilds cursed...big deal.(bitter,party of one)