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It's Boyfriend and I 13 months together. I won't wear my badge to dinner.

He doesn't want to talk about anything to do with The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.(I hope we go to Bob's Big Boy because I put up a picture of Jay, it's at the register. Ha ha) I can't blog after the show so. Have a good weekend.

On the Tonight Show today is the sexy Michael Douglas. Who is married to Catherine Zeta Jones. Catherine hurried up and had children by him. She should have spoken to Jennifer Aniston. Now Brad Pitt is stuck in wedded Freakdom with Angelia Jolie.
Tavis Smiley is on the show. This is his picture pretended to be leaning on something.

The musical guest is Good Charlotte.

GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP----------------------------------------------------------------

Byron Allen got married. You remember Byron he is always with celebrities, bald black guy, laughs a lot.I thought he was gay. I never heard about him with any woman. Congratulations Byron.
I guess Kevin Eubanks can find a nice little white woman also.Ha ha ha I think this is Kevin's Eharmony picture.Ha ha ha...My side hurts I'm laughing so hard...hee hee hee ...I need help up off the floor. Kevin looks like the son of a preacher man.Larry King got the CNN block named after him. They were going to give it to Merv Griffin but he died. Larry's got about two good week left.
Brittany Spears might perform at the Emmy Award show. Brittany you need to do the Dr. Phil show. He is use to dealing with Red,White and Blue problems. Red-neck,White-trash,Blue-collar.