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GloZell's Worldly day!

Sunday at the casual 7:30 service at First Christian Church Of North Hollywood Leslie came! She was one of my bridesmates. In line today I met Hennry and Chris from Edinbourgh Scottland. They have been in the US four months to sell encyclopedias. Aaron and Stephanie from Maryland married for five years.Another happy married couple Van Do (Hair stylest to the stars) and Bob Bonar( President and CEO of Dell Childrens Medical Hospital Medical Center. They live in Austin Texas. Robin(Sweden) David (Sydney Australia) Steve (Manchester England) Alexander (Sweden) Kris (Munic Germany) From Leipzig Germany Sebastian,Criss,Frauke(from darmstadt) Andreas, und Stephan
Leonard Jones( who got a call in line from Jay Leno. He put his speaker phone on so everyone could hear Jay thanking him for his painting. Jay signed it! Leonard is using his painting of American Choppers to raise money for the Police and Firemen families involved in 911. Thanks Leonard and Jay. Leonard was so happy! And his son Elias was also! Dennis Miller was on the show today. He was political and interesting. Today he wasn't drunk like the last time. He makes for a great guest. Dennis will say anything.

Guest number two was Ed Kiesel who delived a baby on a shrimp boat. Big deal. If the baby caught some shrimp. That's a show. If there are any 9 month preagnat women who would let me diliver there baby in the Tonight Show line, let me know. I have no problem pulling a baby out of your Va Jay Jay Leno. Rodrigo Y Gabriela are one of the best musical groups I have ever heard on the show! Olay!

Remember, 911



Did you hear that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want another kid!

Who is allowing this to happen. Have we fogotton that Angelina kisses her Brother like he was her Cousin! (Gross) they look like to puffer fish!

Have we fogotten that Angelina use to wear Billy Bob Thortons blood around her neck!

Have we fogotten that she dated Billy Bob Thorton!

What Vampire Bat adoptiona agencey has overlooked these things just because she is sexy!

How much quality time are these kids getting? I thought her first kid was crippled because she carried Maddox for his first three years.

You cant pick up a map and go shopping for children. There is no United Nation Kids grocerey store!

If she needs some more kids I have some cousins who won't be missed. In fact my aunt will mail them to the Jolie Pitt Family. As many as they want.

Have we fogotton that Brad Cheated on his wife Jennifer with Angelina Jolile who is the Ambassador of peace or somthing. PEACE, she dosen't even speak to her own father John Voight, but she is Miss Peace Relations. Ha

I blame Jennifer Aniston! Was it so hard to have a baby with Brad Pitt! Thats all he wanted. If I was his wife I would be prepared at all times. This is how my life would be:

GloZell why are you walking around with your leg up like that?

GloZell== Oh Just in case.

GloZell why are you driving with your leg up like that?

GloZell== I want to be prepared, you never know.

Noone would ever catch me with my leg down. It's Brad Pitt!

Why Jennifer? You didn't want to have kids because of your career. Did I miss your Oscar nomination?

Angelina Jolie might be strange but she ain't stupid. You see she would carry Billy Bob's blood but not his child! Okay.

It's like Ken left Barbie for a Bratz.