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Glo ll Men

In line today I met Judith and her daughter Jamie Habert. Judith wrote a book named "Hey I'm Italian". It's a great read.

Today's show is the number one show of the year so far. !

Terry Bradshaw's zipper was down. Everyone in the audience saw it when he walked out. It was so funny when Jay told him. His reaction is going in Jay top 10 moments. LoVe Ya Terry!

The show did a segment called "The audience wants to know". The guy Dave who looks for people in the audence to ask Jay a question, looks like Ellen Degeneres identical younger brother.Joey Fat-One from N'Sync made a cameo apperance.Marie Osmand was great to see. I use to sneak and watch the Donny and Marie show growing up, because everyone said that they stole their music from "The Jackson 5" and I wasn't allowed to watch. I didn't care it was nice seeing a girl perform on TV. Marie said that she has been in the buisness for 44 years. Okay all those years don't count. You took a 20 year break and you had a break down.Marie.Before the first guest, Michael Buffer purposed to his girlfriend after saying "Lets get ready to Rumble." I bet she was thinking this is nice to purpose to me in front of 382 total strangers. It was about as romantic as a funeral.Michael Buble was great. The girls just screamed I Love You Michael.Boyz 11 Men was Michael's back up. It was the best ever! I couldn't hear everything because of this drum beat. Then I realized it was the sound of Nate(far left) big lips hitting the microphone.Remember, it is a Jewish and a Muslim Holiday time. There is one God, but yet all over the world we fight to prove which way is the right way to get to "HIM".

LoVe Ya,


GLOZELL"S GHETTO GOSSIP----------------------------------------------------------------I can't believe the men that was in Anna Nicole's life

Did you hear about the book Howard K Stern giving Larry Birkhead...BirkHead?

Eleven years ago Tupac died. There has been no leads as to who did it. And there never will. One of the last thinGs Tupac said was" When my heart can beat no more. I hope I die for a Principle or a Belief that I had lived for"... Nope, it was a drive by.I approve of Halle Berry and Gabriel having a baby
I don't blame Tori Spelling risking her billion dollar inheritance by divorcing her first regular looking husband for her second good looking husband for fear that the child might look like...her
Renee Zellweger has been seen with Paul McCatney.

He traded one woman without one leg for a woman with two jacked up pouty bug lips lips. Where is that Uno Ono lady to break up this Beatle relationship?