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GloZell is soft...

Dear Scott (you look like Chris Daughtry)

This morning in the 8 am line. Page let's call "Hiro". Messes with the door. Steps Outside and starts handing out tickets... OUTSIDE! Hiro was holding the regular tickets and the standby tickets.

(I was thinking what is he doing? Is this something new?) I said" Ah ",then quickly he said " I never did this before.

I said. I think you might want to pass out tickets inside the building, behind the counter and only the regular tickets first.

Hiro turned to open the door but he had locked himself outside.(He was so embarrassed) He just looked at the door like he had mind control and was going to will the door to open. Poor thing.

Hiro went around to open the door. I told people who were coming up to get tickets that the guy is comming back and they are still giving out tickets.I bet Hiro really wished that he could time travel...

Okay, Hiro hasn't gotten the hang of the other line also. I suggest that you hand walk him through everything in a very friendly manor. Don't just tell him, walk him through.Hiro was nervous and I guess didn't feel comfortable to ask anyone to go over things again for his first day opening by himself.

I don't know if he also will run the cash register one day. So just make him feel that he can come to you for anything or he might really mess up. Or give him a buddy...another Page that knows what they are doing. I left, so for all I know he is passing out tickets by the vending machine.

I hope this come across as informative. And not like I want to take over or something. I'm sure that you will handle this in a professional and Friendly manor! Thanks!

GloZell-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On the show today DANE COOK! His movie Good Luck Chuck is with Jessica Alba!He did a movie with Jessica Simpson...Outside of a little acne pick scares...He's cute for a comic.

Ali Larter is pretty and she comes across as a good person...Chris Cornell right arm was just lifeless...I thought it was fake until he moved it. (Okay I have nothing to say! It was a good show.)


GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP -----------------------------------------------------------------Did you see the tape of Pluto and Disney Chasing that kid! I use to work at Universal Studios and kids become products of the devil sometimes. Parents thinks it's cute when their kids kick or punch characters.Is Pluto a Dog? I know its not a planet...anymore

Did you just read GLOZELL"S GHETTO GOSSIP...It stunk! GloZell I'm going to let this go this time but I want some better stuff tomorrow. Do you understand?

GLOZELL"S GHETTO GRIPE!--------------------------------------------------------------

Ummm. Why do they call hemorrhoids...Hemorrhoids when they are in your A**?

But they call Asteroids...As-teroids when they are in the Hemi-sphere

Why do they sell 2ply toilet tissue...Aren't' you going to wrap it around you hand anyways?

I don't know why they use things like Angels and baby's to advertise Toilet paper? Why would I want to wipe my behind on a Angel' or a baby? That's just sick? Who has touched an Angel then after that thought of going to the bathroom. Sick.

Oooh look at that baby...I bet that one will work just fine.