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Greens Anatomy...

In the 8Am line I met Karen and Mike from Ridgecrest CA. Mike is a cop Stephanie was using a Tide take the spot out pin to erase the food Scott dropped on his shirt.(Maryland)
In the later line I met King David(David Hobbs) Actor-Impressionist-comedian he was told by an relative that had been drinking that...He is Kevin Eubanks cousin! I mean he is black and bald. King David said that he was related to Kevin on his momma side...I guess they spell Eubanks differently on that side.King David had a resume and a two minute CD of some of his best work to give to his cousin Kevin. King David entertained us for a while.

On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno today we have Justin Gimelstob at the Tennis U.S. Open He is so good looking. Have him on again please. He has the right personality for correspondent for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

DR. Phil was wrong when he said that Michael Vicks dog fighting wasn't cultural. My mothers next door neighbor dogs fights. My mom calls the dong catcher, and cops on them but my sister is scared that the neighbor are going to do something to her or my mother. It's wrong to dog fight but I do think that is cultural.
Chandra Wilson from "Grays Anatomy" She was pleasant and very happy to be on the show. I thought Jay was going to ask her about Isaiah Washington but he didn't thank goodness. It's done. Plus I bet it has something to do with the fact that Isaiah works for NBC now. Crystal Alwine(an actress who has been in town for seven days) ditched work(Denny's Lankershim in North Hollywood) to see Chandra Wilson and she got her autograph. (Yea!)

Musical guest Joe Henry was so boring! I think his bass player served me dinner last night at Black Angus. I would rather eat a Oh Henry than listen to Joe Henry. Okay

Remember, always sit next to the drunk family members at find out a lot.

LoVe Ya,


GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP!----------------------------------------------------------------

Did you hear that some woman was so stankcaly dressed that she got kicked of Southwest Airlines? She must have been rank-a-dank-a-dank-dank! Thanks Southwest Airlines.
She worked at Hooters (Surprise!)Dear Stankaly dressed Hooters girl. I have enough stress at the airport. Connecting flights,delayed planes.I always end up next to some big white guy who is spilling into my seat, and wants to tell my how he always loved black women.For the whole six hour plane trip!I can't fit in the nasty tiny bathroom

I'm praying that the plane lands safely
Even tho Hooters have the best buffalo shrimp. We don't get fed anymore on planes! All we get is some gross peanutless trail mix and a can of soda!

With the lack of circulation, dust mites, and crying children on the plane.I do not want to deal with your crotch turkeys! Thank you.