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Saturday I tried to blog but the church with Wifi was closed. I will blog M-Friday. (Since I blog at the my church I'm always asked to attiend things because I'm hear. I will have to put up picters after a I go to a Bead for Life presentation heare at the church, I don't know how to say no so I'm going...I hope they serve food.)

Yesterday I met Eve who is a Transvestite. She said that the meanest people to her are white males. Eve is always in fear of her life, and people always stare and yell nasty things at her.

When Eve was male she was married to a woman and has three kids. Eve went from white male making great money to Eve which cause her to lose everything. Eve said being a transvestite is like being black, as far as treated unfairly.(okay) Eve would like a nice straight male to love her as she is. I don't understand her lifestyle but she said it wasn't a choice. for more info

In line today I met Justin and Shana who moved to Burbank two weeks ago. Shana talks in her sleep. Once she said that Justin was to young to be black.(That was funny) they have been married for three years.

Tori Amos fans Leah, Nikki and Eva. Leah makes sculptures( They were fun!
Patricia Heaton looked great! She has had a breast lift and a tummy tuck and something done to her face. Patricia looked amazing! She always dogs her husband but in fun. Jay really likes her they talk during break.( He doesn't do that with every guest) I like Patrica's new show "Back to You".

Emil Lagasse has been on four times since I've been coming to the show and not one time has he said"BAM" I don't think he is allowed to say it on other people's show. The food looked good.

Tori Amos has this slightly raunchy sex appeal to her. Tori straddled the piano bench and had on red heels and this red wig( I know you ain't talking GloZell cause you looked like a Trasvestite in your new hair) It worked. Her fans loved her! I found her to be very talented and entertaining. Vicki (the band singing) got up from her bongos to see Tori perform, she must be a fan.


The stars have been behaving themselves. Enjoy the calm before the storm.

There is a 82 year old woman who married her 24 year old boyfriend...She ain't no spring chicken but she can still cluck. ..I guess

Did you see Oscar De La Hoe-ya . The boxer in fishnet stockings and panties! I knew it, I knew it! When Oscar de hoya was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno he looked so pretty.
I couldn't stop staring at him! I guess he thinks he is pretty also.FREAK! (Good looking Freak)

Holyfield is coming out with his new line or "Real Deal Grills". Hmm an old boxer with his own bran of grills...That's original.
India had a riot because some Indian radio person said something bad about the winner of India Idol.(Who cares about the Indian Idol winner?) Can't they just have a bowl of cury, a slurpee and talk things over?

Speaking of people who thinks cows are holy.

Why did Kevin Eubanks have to get rescued while snorkeling in the water this weekend. Kevin don't eat meat... now he is trying to swim...will somebody tell him he is black PLEASE! Before he kills himself.(Get the black people handbook Kevin)