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Glo's Two Willies

Dear, Scott head of the Pages(who looks like Chris Daughtry)

This morning(8 am ) I was fifth in line.The Page ( lets call him) Hiro opens the door gives us the tickets. I noticed that he was stamping the tickets "Counter" that is usually done the day before.

Then I noticed that the tickets were the same color as yesterday. Then I noticed they were the tickets from yesterday! I went to him and told him 1. The door is still locked (people were trying to get in and couldn't. 2. These are yesterdays tickets.

I told him to unlock the door, I will run and catch the people who had already left with the wrong tickets. You(Hiro) look for today's tickets.

He found today's tickets I caught everyone. It's all good. Hiro needs to be with someone at least two times so he can get the hang of it. He is a nice guy but he needs assistance. Please handle this matter in a ""take you by the hand and walk you through everything slowly kind of way. This is the second time I told you about Hiro. Please believe me. Thanks

By 12:30 PM I was the only person in line!

Maurice Davis came by later today( I met him while I was in line and he was walking by) to tell me that he is now a Producer working with Danny Glover...(Okay) Then Maurice counted the line and went on his merry way.

Everyone thinks that the NBC Page DeShuan looks like Will Smith and want to take pictures with him! Today it was a nice Indian Lady.

There has been a lot of diversity in the line lately. I wonder where The Tonight Show is advertising...The Urban League.

On the show today

Does this Impress Ed Asner? A guy snorted Popcorn kernels and they came out of his tear ducts. This was so gross! The audience loved it.Ed was not impressed.

Tom Selleck who is delicious! Not that interesting in a interview. He could be mute and that wouldn't make a difference to me.

Carlos Mancia who wore his Magnium PI short shorts...very funny

Willie Nelson! And his 76 year old sister Bobbie who looks like a Crystal Gale throw back. Willie Got a standing Ovation! I love him.

Jeri Lee,Tina, Aunt Fran, and Uncle Paul got a picture with Jay and Jack( camera man #1 gave them the sign with the guest line up because they screamed I love you Tom and had a great time. They had had such a good time before the show I got tipsy from the fumes. They are my kind of people.

I'm blogging at my church right now(6:37 PM) in the library and the librarian comes in and goes Sh** that D*** blog. Under her breath. I'm going to pray that I don't tell her off. She has one more time to say something indirecly to more time.


Did you hear that Donny Bonaduce(Child star/nuts) beat up Johnny Fairplay( the guy who said his grandmother died to win Survivor)

Danny broke his nose, Knocked out some teeth and broke his toe.( Okay I don't care either)

Isiah Thomas was acussed of sexualy harassing this woman! I can't belive that happend! He should never do such a thing. What is wrong with the Isiah's first Isiah Washington now Thomas.This is just embarrassing to basketball, men, black men I(what?...she was awarded 11 million dollars because she was sexually harassed by Isiah Thomas)...

Dear Isiah,

My name is GloZell Green and I'm at 3000 W. Alameda everyday M-Friday. I don't need 11 Million dollars worth of harassment...5 million is just fine. Thank You.