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Glo and her TV...

Have you been watching Greys Anatomy! well let me get you caught up my people

Izzy(from the movie Knocked Up) had relations with an intern(the one that Isiah Washington called a "F" gay slur(he was stupid for that)) He is married to Dr. Callie Torres. When he told her he was with Izzy, He was hoping that Dr. Torres was going to call the marriage quits and he can go be with Izzy.

Torres said I forgive you, and jacked up his easy exit. Ha!

Dr. Grey(skinny girl with no top lip) has been sneaking around with Dr. McDreamy! And he told her he loves her and wants to be with her forever!(Ahhhhhhhhh)

Dr. Christina Yang's intern is Dr. Grey's little sister ( from the movie" Not Another Teen Movie") Christina is giving her a hard time because her man Dr. Burk is gone, left her behind at the alter in her dress! ( Dr. Burk/ Isiah W. who jacked up a great job in real life) The black female doctor"Nazi" is mad because Dr. Torres got the position she wanted

Meanwhile the Head Doctor Richard was cheating on his wife with Dr. Grey's mother...he is working it out with his wife, who just lost their baby(miscarriage). Their niece who has cancer begs her uncle Dr.Richard to let her go home and die! But his wife said that this is the closes thing we have to a child and he had better do everything he can to save her...or else. You have got to watch this show. Great writing .

GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP!----------------------------------------------------------------

I like to give an award to Marie Osmond for that award winning performance. She knew her behind was on the chopping block. So what did she do after a so so performance on " Dancing with the C Stars" she fainted!

I laughed and applauded her. Brilliant! She has saved herself for two more weeks. Jane Seymore is next unless someone else dies in her family, then Marie.

So Halle Berry stupid" This is a picture of my Jewish cousin was edited out" I bet her kid is going to look like that picture! Oy Vey.

Ellen is back to work. Do you know that people are threatening to blow up Moms and Mutts? that place that took that dog back? Yeah that's really smart people. Kill all the dogs. " Lesbians put down your weapons, I repeat put down your weapons". I bet they wouldn't be threatening that place if it was Moms and Kitty's.

This week Ellen will have on the lady from Price is Right who peed on herself when she found out she was playing Plinko! I think I rather see Ellen crying about a dog she didn't want.

I am trying not to talk about Brittany Spears. First she has he kid, then she looses them, then she gets them back with supervision and she wants to take them to her Malibu home which is surrounded by fire! She really doesn't want to babysit.

Her "Friends" want to boycott her album until she gets help. They have started . Can I boycott the album because it stinks? A sister likes options.

I heard that the rumors about Vanessa Williams and Vince Vaughn wasn't true. I never heard that they were dating! How did that get passed me? Come on Vince you can do better that her.

Kid Rock fighting at a Waffle House. How did he get in...I guess no one has standards any more.

I need prayer because I have been watching the worst dating show " I Love New York 2". It's a hot hot mess! The mom is this man looking church going I'll take my daughters leftover men person... And New York...sends black people back 4oo years all by her self. It's visual crack...

If I urinate or degrade myself I can be on TV also...Darn these morals of mine!