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GLO and the NBC PAGES!

When I first started going to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno there were NO BLACK, HISPANIC, OR ASIAN, INDIAN, ETC. PAGES...NONE

I have to say Thanks to NBC because they have truly changed that. However non of the blacks I think Hispanics also...but I'm not so sure about the Hispanics so, I will just speak about the black ones have gotten jobs.

The NBC Page program is a year. The goal is to get a job in the field that they like, before or when the year is up. The blacks tend to be unable to finish the program...

It takes a lot to live in California. A lot of, rent, phone....

The black ones don't have money coming in from parents. So they end up leaving before the year is up. I can't blame NBC if they go back to NOT hiring People of Color for their NBC Page Program.

The two Asian Pages are new so I don't know what's going to happen with them.

I will keep this general...when a Page is late opening the 8 AM door. It's usually the black one...when I see clothes wrinkled shirts half a slap ones. Not all of them... I'm keeping this general.

So I have to go over the top so maybe someone might get what I'm trying to say! Blacks don't stay. And if you finish the program... no job. I'm trying to start early. This wasn't an issue when I started because there were NO People of Color.

I do understand that the uniforms are not made for people with T and A. when a black lady puts her hands in the jacket pocket the jacket has to sit above the behind exposing the behind. Which isn't a neat look.

So be on time, look neat, have your hair and moisturized and as neat as you can have it. Be friendly.And don't take anything to seriously...even what I say on this blog. I am coming from a helpful place. I had to get your attention!

Johnathan aka "Hiro". You have been doing so well in the 8 am line. Now you have to talk. You are the only Asian male so represent! You never do a morning announcement like the others. Have someone go over it with you.

You come across as someone who is shy or low self esteem. You have the morning routine down, now it's time to talk. In the later line I can't hear a word you day. Speak up. Even if you mess up. Yes I'm going to tell you what you did wrong. You have to do it anyway. How are you going to pass an serious interview.

Johnathan when you are talking to the public, take off your shades. That causes you to drop your head and look over them. It looks stupid. After you have spoken, them put them on if you need to. Okay! You can do it! Practice ,look in the mirror and say " I'm a strong black...wait wrong race...Say" I am a strong Asian American, I can do it" and you can.

NBC is doing there part. Now my Latinos, Asians, and Black Pages...step it up.

Everyone else is fine...Joanna just smile from time to time...and people will like you. (Alexsandra you are in a class all by crack me words for you...don't change)

Kendall is Perfect...cute blonde friendly energetic.(Had to be a cheerleader) Everyone LOVES HER!

Erin is a go get em' . She seem like the sport type of person. Leader of the team...Executive Producer! And very creative...when she turns in the count of the audience for the warm up she always puts her name on it...Brilliant! Every one knows her name. Do you think that the producers know all the pages names? have to be creative! Great job Erin F.

Making the most out of the NBC Page job ( I know it's not the funnest or pays the best) will help you in your future jobs...Don't let the opportunity pass you by. I sit on the all are on the inside!...don't drop the ball. The Page Program is what you make it.

(DeShuan and GloZell) Deshuan's last day was Friday(I don't think he was here 6 months). He asked me to let him know when NBC hires another brother...DeSuan is a great guy and will be missed.


We all heard David Copperfield has been accused of rape. He must be the dumbest illusionist of all. Why not make her or the evidence disappear.

Brittany ran over the foot of a much as they hound her she should be allowed to run over two a week.

(When Britany's attack)

Some schools are allowing 6th graders to have Birth Control! Six Grade! Parents should put the same tracking micro chip that goes in to pets on their children.

California Adeventure is loosing money and the owners are about to invest 1 billion dollars into it... California Adventure is an Amusement Park about California...located in California...and they are wondering why it's not making money...duh!

California Adventure can't make any money because the children are to consumed with taking their Birth Control Pills!

Please pray for all of the firefighter and the people who are effected by the fires in California, and safety for everyone envolved!