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Boyfriend called his Aunt to ask if there were any cancelations!

I ended up going to the Ball and having the best time! At first I was nervous because Boyfriend's family from Bulgaria. What if I was served some kind of strange, unpronounceable mush or something? What if I didn't know how to eat something.

They had regular high class food. Fillet Mignon (fancy steak) and chocolate souffle and the cake cost hundreds of dollars.

I partied with the Jazz band lead by the great Bill Henderson.

His family which include his parents, sister ( who said four time my breast are so big) nephews and host of aunts cousins and Debbie Allen and the Kardashians!

They were so nice.

Debbie Allen said that we are family.

Debbie's danced trooped performed including sedrick from " So you think you can dance".

Kris Kardashian was so kind to me. She just talked and talked. These were my kind of people. I love the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians. And now I'm faux related to them!

Boyfriend's family welcomed me and we all danced all night. Everyone said that they hope to see me at the Christmas party. Boyfriend's Aunt(the one the party was for) called him and told him that she like me!

Saturday I went to a who done it party. We all got our assignments and was told who we were! I was Belinda a Fashion Designer who was coming out with a tell all book.When we arrived we got our clues and pretended that we were trapped on a train. The princes was the one who did the murder. Dinner was great and we had fun.

I can't wait for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tomorrow!