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GLO Jay!

I don't have a lot of time to put up this blog so I will put up as much as I can...

I'm the worst Jay Leno impersonator... I've been trying to think of names like Glo Leno, or Glo Negro...ha ha

On the show today:

James Spader from Boston Legal with William S.(Captain Kirk)

Lara Logan (reports on the war..very funny stuff)

Steve Byrne (comedian who was called because of a cancellation)

Chris, Irma and Danny are few of the people who left before the show started because Gloria Estefon wasn't showing up.

I met Jomona Marilyn and Joanne from Canada!

Russel L. Spears form Metro Networks interviewed people about the fact that Jay is leaving!
Jay is not leaving I won't have it!

He interviewed Alex (Big Jay Fan)and his mother Lynne(who has kidney problems) from Washington State!(I wish you well)

Bret and Sheryl form Annapolis Maryland! Say hi to Paul for me!

In the audience was Mickey from the group the show the Monkees! Four of us sang "Hey hey were the Monkees" he just smirked.. So then we didn't like him

Jay comes out and announced that he is here he stands up and waves to the audience. (before the show) Why the attitude I could understand if you were Davy Jones...the cute one! I still think of you as a tiny star...Mean Monkee! (Mickey was the drummer..on the left)

Some girls who were auditioning for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno got Jay Walking tickets before they got into the building! Ha!

When Lena Sonja and Jack come back they are bringing me some curry! Lena is from Trinidad!

Mrs. J was back with her husband Mike!

Maurice stopped by, but didn't go to the show!(One more black person and we are going to have a fish fry)


There is nothing to report so the magazines are just talking about anything like,

Lindsay Lohand is broke...Duh...she couldn't afford panties for years...

Jennifer Aniston loves bikini don't matter now Jennifer, Brad Pitt ain't looking at it!

But hey, there is nothing wrong with removing some of the petals off your flower!But If I had Brad Pit it would be like Homes And Gardens everyday!(Okay)