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Glo-bel Peace Prize!

My little NBC Angels gave me breakfast...( I think I'm on some Mexican be nice to her list) When I'm rich and famous I will already have three gardeners...

Then this brother named L..(hold on I got to get the napkin he wrote his name, number and happy face on)..Ah yes.. Larken who gave me two roses...I don't know what yard he got them from but is always the thought that counts...

I also got a slightly used gently dirty white stuffed monkey also with the 2.99 tag on it...It's the thought that counts.

Jennine with her Shaka Khan hair was back! ( She was here Wednesday) Jennine said that she liked my hair and then she shows up today all Diva-fied...I think we are in a weave competiion...(Bring it on Sistah!)
Maurice came to the show but not before counting the line!

I met Erylene and her son Austin who asked me what I did all day...and before you know it, it was time to go in. We had a great time...Erylene and I laughed all day...even when her husband who is a paramedic called and told her this woman was drunk bumped her head..was bleeding then went to BED and DIED...Her children who was drunk with her called knew that she was bleeding from the head called 911 in the morning!...the next day...too late.

Hey if you bump your head and are bleeding from the HEAD go to the hospital right then!Duh!

My friend of five years Lindsay came to the show with her parents Missy and Ken! Lindsay is a continuing working actress and gets recognized everywhere! I met her when she was on Day's Of Our Live the pages knew her from Nip Tuck...I'm not a movie person but I have to see her in the move Get Smart! Congratulations Lindsay say hi to Amy the Gemini.

(wait you see that guy to the left! He was telling the WORST jokes ever! And he told them to Jay before the show...How do you circumcise a Whale?...Four Skin Divers...What do you call a cow that has had an abortion?...De-Calf-enated...( joke about abortion that's new)

Anyways it was great seeing Lindsay and catching up! Her best friend was my roomate!

Erin Foye is the Queen of promotion and Production...she is like the Executive Producer of the Pages...She is a go get 'em and very creative young Mogul on the rise! Love Her!----

Sad to say the the NBC Page De Shuan (the Will Smith look alike) is leaving! I wish him well in Georgia!


Christina Appelgate...Kelly from the show"Married with Children". Her blue dress brought out the highlights in her veins...She was as pale as a ghost! She talked about her big foot...(NEXT)

Bill O Reilly didn't disappoint. The audience was mainly for him! He speaks his mind and I like that. I didn't however care for his leprechaun green shirt and tie...oh..O'Reill...I get it he is British!

Alicia Keys...this was my thought process!
Wow Alicia...she has some hips on her...very shapely... no breast at all...seems like she would have bought A cup or B..beautiful skin...I like the glam look...great shoes...Vicky got up from the bongos to see her..oh Alicia moved from the piano to the keyboard...doesn't matter we know she can play them both...okay she is back on the she is sweating...I loved the song...

I wished that she would have stayed at the piano or got up from the piano and stood and finished the song. The whole going back and forth didn't work for me. Still loved the song.

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize... and the Nobel Piece of Cake and the Nobel Piece of Fried chicken...The Nobel Piece of Hamburger...and the Nobel etc.

When they announced that Al won the Peace Prize he was like''Yum piece of what?"

The Nobel Peace Prize is the only thing he can't eat!...Global warming isn't the only thing heating is Al's oven...microwave...toaster...ect. he is my kind of guy.

I heard that Michael Jackson might have Lupus...I knew it that explains the side turned white...married ugly dental assistant...dangle own baby from balcony... get accused of child molesting...The typical Lupus stuff.