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Glo's Urabn Chicken!

Thank You Rithy for putting the Famous in 31 Days video on my blog!

I wasn't feeling the best...My mother was fired from her music teaching job three weeks ago and she had to go speak her side to the school board. The new Principal wants to get rid of the Music Program. The community is coming out of the wood works on my mother's behalf...If she doesn't get her job back she will have to live of 500 a month my mother has four more years till retirment...Of course I would go home and help. I love Jay and the Tonight Show but mom comes first...

I think I was worried about my mothers situation because I had an upset stomach all night and day...I prayed that I wouldn't get sick in the line.
I was sitting by myself a long time in line then two squirrels came out of nowhere and was having relations with each other...(go away horny squirrels) Then one turned around and they were still going at it...So I have seen freaky squirrel porn!

I met the most happy couple in the line ever! Tom and Kathy Hewkin from Oregon. They won the Oregon Lottery 5.2 Million Dollars! I was so happy for them! ( If I won the lotto I would get the best medical healthcare for my Mommy, my sister, Boyfriend and myself.) What's money if you don't have your health.

I walked some people over to the gift shop to use the restroom and some of them bought stuff. I call it GloZell's Ghetto Tour! They appreciate not having to go by themselves and not having to cross the street to the other restrooms.

Steve from Barack Obama's Campaigne, Marcia from London and a frequent visitor to the show Dixie!
Mrs. J and her husband Mike came back today!

On the Show:

Barack Obama who was wearing a suit without a tie. He seemed very comfortable. Borack was funny and well spoken. I thought he handled himself well. I love seeing all of the secret service men surrounding the audience.

My stomach was doing just fine until Smitty started to sing...(gurgle gurgle)... got to go, got to go, got to go right now!

Orny Adams was the comedian...slow start then finished well. Orny was very funnier when he sat down to talk to Jay. Overall good.(Not as funny as that musical guest yesterday)

Okay I can't wait to make a beeline to the bathroom! Vickie was singing and then Smitty joined in...oh no!

Finally Keith Urban! I can make it through his song!

He started singing and I couldn't hear his fist couple of words...the show ended then we were told we had to sit through it again because of technical difficulties...I was having technical difficulties!

Keith sang again and it was much better this time and some tart shouted "Sing to me" during his song. I wanted to tell her to shut it up do you want me to Shart in my chair lady...please...menwhile it was so cold in the studio my nipple broke off and rolled down the isle.

After the show Channel 11 News was interviewing people on what they thought about Barack Obama

Then I see The Kentucky Fried Chicken Man! I asked for a picture and he said "Hurry Up"... What The Zell you say old man... hurry up, it's not like you looked like a movie star of something...This week I got snubbed by a Monkee and now a fake behind chicken man!



Ellen DeGeneres got in trouble by Mutts and Moms by giving her dog away to a nice family...They came and took the dogs away from her hairdresser whose two children were very attached to....Those mean Bitc*es!

Dick Chaney's wife did some snooping around and found out that Dick Chaney is the 8Th cousin to Barack Obama...I bet rich white people are scared to find out there history now! I'm probably related to Jay...Italians have some Gro in them.(as in Ne)

Brittany Spears did another hit and run...she gets that from her Ex Kevin...He hit it and ran.

People have been spotting holy images in toast, cheese, window stains etc and calling it miracles...The new one is the fire shaped like the Pope John Paul...The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has it's own miracle...Tony the head of security looks just like Buddha! I will rub his belly and make a wish.