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Glo's Double Bubble!

In line Wendy(red headed travel agent from Los Vegas) passed out Bubble gum to Betty and myself

In line was Alby Good( So many people asked me if he was Rod Stewart! He does sing classic rock!

I met a pair of hot twins! Alfed and Felix from Lockhart Texas!

Maurice stopped by and counted the line...He is coming to the show tomorrow. Maurice said that he has a meeting with Danny Glover for a film project that he is a producer for... (Can't wait to see that film)

Four photographers stopped by...all from Los Angeles Times...Every one is doing a story on The Tonight Show moving to Universal Studios! It's not till at least 2011...

On the show

Kate Flannery from the show "Office". Her boyfriend is a photographer(Chris) who rarely shoots at The Tonight Show....he must keep the cap on when he takes her picture because that is not a cute woman.

Jay usually compliments a lady on her dress when she is so dressed up... Yesterday with Malin Akerman before she sat down Jay was like"nice dress, great color on you". Today...Nothing.

Kate has pasty white skin and dyed red hair...I think she is going for the Marcia Cross look but she looks more like Marcia Wallace from the show "Bob Newhart". Her face hurt my feelings. But yet gave me hope! If she can make it not being young, not being cute, not being skinny. I can be a Superstar! It's a good thing that Kate was on the show(by way of a guest not showing up) because she doesn't qualify to sit on the front row at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

On the flip side she is very nice... I'm a fan of hers! I have been in the same Yoga class with her and I have gone to see her lounge show in Hollywood...when she sang "Come on Baby light my fire" it was the funnest thing ever... she is very talented...thank goodness!(GloZell you sound a little jealous)

Gordon Ramsay (the other guest) would have looked prettier in Kate's dress!

Vanessa Carlton was the musical guest...her music sounds the that "if i could walk a thousand miles song" I think she sings that...if not it sounded like the same song except when she screeched and didn't hit the notes...

Ross the Intern was on...I bow before him...He is funny!

Someone said The producer Steve...everyone is a producer at the Tonight Show! I don't know which Steve...everyone seems to young to be it Steve with the thick black hair and baby face(who use to have the perfect beard and like my Sept. Hair) or tall gray hair cute Steve with broad shoulders and no...I mean No behind...I don't know why he always wears jeans! His behind is concave!

I think I;m going to be a producer...I'm the New Executive Superior Supervising Presidential Producer of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno line (pre Page of course) So take that little Ms. Gidgit!

GloZell's Ghetto Gripe

There are two songs that I hear at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno pretty regular that I just don't understand why they are played

This one is played by the "DJ Phil and his five song collection from the best of early 80's " before the show. Every Pimp Street Pharmacists rocked this song!

1. White Horse...(Lyrics)" If you want to ride.... ride the white horse....white horse.... Don't ride the white horse"...First of all the song is about cocaine...I thought(anyways)

The second verse (Lyrics) 'If you want to be got to be a B**CH"...then if you not sure if that's what you heard at the legendary Tonight Show...if follows up with

RICH...B**CH....RICH...B**CH. can one of the 2000 producers explain that please?

Second Song is done by the Tonight Show band...Lord knows I don't want less that the 8 songs I hear everyday for over a year but I don't understand this song

I think the singer(the lady with the fro) is saying Sleep City? (Lyrics in question) Going to sleep city like everybody else... going to sleep city you can go to H*ll...Going to sleep city(blahblatyblah else)...sleep city...Going to sleep city like everybody else going to sleep city you can kiss my A**.

Why does the audience get cursed out four to five times a week? You should see some of the people's faces.