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Glo's Six Italians!

On the Show today Rese Witherspoon. The audience gave her a standing ovation when she walked out. Girls were screaming on the top of their lungs "I Love you Reese" She was adorable she kept rubbing her right arm and needed to brush her hair a little (she went with the messy look) but you have to love her...have to! Jay spoke to her during the break...He doesn't usually talk that much to the female blonde's during the break...He left Jessica sitting there once...The show could have ended after Reese!

David Keckner talked way to long about his jacked up shoulder! He is staring in what I heard to be a very funny film called "The Comebacks"

P J Harvey was the musical guest ( I use that term very loosely) She looked like the Nightmare before the Christmas Gypsy! I can't describe what she was doing...But I couldn't stop laughing I thought I was going to explode...the sparkles on her dress came from a broken windshield...she was playing a harpsichord! Please have her back that was the hardest laugh I have ever had at the show!

John Melendez has a cup that says "I'm the Announcer" which is great because a lot of people hear the announcer and see him, but don't put the two together. (it's true)

Jay said that Hairy Berry is going to be on the show this week...That's a different kind of show Jay...I don't want to see a Hairy Berry on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
In the 8am line it started yards away from the door. I have seen this line do a lot of things but never start so far away from the door.

The Page I call "Hero" did everything right today! Yea! I left quick before he did something. He is so funny and sweet...I'm glad he didn't lock himself outside today!

I was trying not to mention this page but their is a black female page named...Nannie... Nannie! That's her real name! I just can't get over her name...maybe her mother wasn't consulted about her name her...She is from Alabama and no joke...When she is charge on the holding room, Nannie must mention that she has her Master Degree 6 times or more! That means nothing in California if you are not going to put some heat to that hair child...Nannie looks like the proto type for "The Color Purple". That look might work in the back woods of Alabama but child...No!

This guy came by and asked Maurice and I to watch his banana!

Then I met the Six Italians! Joe and Thomasine,Becky and Henry, Tina and Larry who run the very successful bar Patricks II in San Diego. It's a Irish/Italian Bar. They got a picture with Jay! They were so happy and I had a great time with them.

Maurice counted the line..

The Banana belonged to Mike who is in the movie "The Comebacks" staring David Keckner!
Mike told me that Mickey Dolenz (The mean Monkee from yesterday) mother invented liquid paper which is now called "White Out".(Thanks for lunch Mike)

People want to touch my Jay Leno Hair...people asked me if it's real...they want to touch it...How does Jay deal? I will continue to be Glo Leno until someone announces that Jay Is going to stay until 2011!

When I went to my Rithy's house to learn more about computers...His wife had a pair of shoes at the door with tea bags in them...he said that he didn't know what that you?


Why hasn't J-Lo said that she is pregnant? The child could be crowning as we speak and she won't say a thing...I just hope it looks like her and not her rat looking husband Marc Anthony.

I hope that she get right into the gym...J-Lo and I are both Lobsters...most of the meat is in the tail.

Surveys show that people believe Gossip to be true more than the truth....hmm...I will talk about that on the GloZell Green show on NBC coming 2008!