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The Principal who fired my mother had a baby boy last Sunday...he was due Nov. 7th. She is on bed rest and says that she will be back to work in two weeks. The School Board is still looking over the case... So far nothing has been said as far as over turning the Principal's decision to firing my mother .

I did tell my mother that people from my blog have been praying for her...Thanks.

Boyfriends Parents are coming to town today for his mother's Aunt's Birthday Ball!
I have been cleaning his apartment but I can't go to the only. Since the Aunt is rich they decided to give to a charity in the Aunt's name. They chose...Blind Children of Israel...(okay)

GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP-----------------------------------------------------------------The California seems like the rich get fires (they are usally up high in the mountains)and the poor get floods..."Katrina" ---------------

Oprah is going to kick some African behind!... One of her School Teachers in Africa has been accused of sexual misconduct to one of the girls at Oprah's School! If the teacher or the student is lying...woe be unto them. Oprah has gone to Africa twice about this matter... Who ever is in the wrong won't even exists anymore...the tribe will handle that.
Oprah says that her thyroid is the reason she has been gaining weight... Is that what they are calling fast food now?
Seal and Heidi Klum was on Oprah saying how they get married again every year... If I was Seal I would do that also... He probably can't believe he is married to her...She can have him...not on my lonliest, blindest day could I ever be with Seal...Thank you Heidi. Donald Trump anounced that he wants to have a talk show...Great I can't wait to see his curly lips and brown cotton candy hair every week.

Mariah Carey has a perfume out... The smell is a cross between butterflies and a Breakdown!

Queen Latiffa is 200 pounds and proud! I'm 205 pounds. Both of us are 5'10 Cindy Crawford is 5'10 and 130 pounds! I'm going watch my thyroid intake!

Some people try so hard to be beautiful and just go way too far...
Naomi Camble spends 7oo dollars on eyelash extensions every 6 weeks! I pay 575 for my glorified closet Apartment in Los Angeles that I share with two mice, when it rains the ceiling leaks on the kitchen(hot plate) and a toilet that if you flush twice in a row it waste comes up through the shower drain... I'm not hating...I have a glass slipper somewhere...