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GloZell's Tonight Show Aperance...

Welcome back everyone!

At the 8AM line I was happy to see Tania who saved a spot for me in line and the construction that is being done to the broke down outside of NBC Guest Relations...I gave NBC till Nov. 1st to remodel the front or else Ray Ray(the town drunk) and I was going to plant flowers and paint. Nice to know we don't have to....Great Job NBC!

Alcupulco was on fire today(it's right across the street from the show)

Tania stayed up all night making me a Badge! It's so nice. It says"GloZell Green Self Appointed Guest Ambassador! And she gave me Jay Leno's "If Roast Beef Could Fly Books" with CD.

Mrs. J ( Who was sleepy) Tania and Maurice(who didn't come to the show) was here for the first day back!

Mrs. J. and Tania both play the McDonald's Monopoly game. Tania went took out her game pieces to see if she had the piece that Mrs. J need. Tania is going to see High School the Musical
At the sign was a camp of mean Russell Crow fans. They wouldn't move from in front of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Sign...No one could take a picture because they wouldn't move!

Before the show Smitty came out and beat on the drums forever. (like he forgot how to play them in a week) I know he dedicated that drum solo to me.


Russell Crow was a little fat. He had on all black and you could see he had a belly on him. But his mean fans loved him anyways. He was funny and told something about Bingo I think...I didn't get what he was saying. He did crack on the President about him messing up words.
The Secret Service was everywhere for Jenna Bush. Jenna has the most awkward walk. Reminds me of Grape Ape. Jenna was pleasant and defiended her father.
Carrie Underwood or should I say underweight. Carrie had on this baggy black pants suit. Her pelvic bones was sticking out. She was still pretty and had a great clear strong voice. I like her song . She was way smaller than the last time she was on the show.(She had a black male bodyguard)

It was a good show! During the promos Jay kept messing up... not reading the word right...Jenna Bush said" See Jay everyone makes mistakes we are all human".

-------------------------- GLOZELL'S GHETTO SHOW IDEAL!

To Dr. Debbie V.( (E.P./cue card writer) I figured since you do everything that you are probably a doctor also.) And the rest of the 214 wonderful producers of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Everyday people ask when are they going to put you on the show? You have been coming for how long? Does Jay know you been coming since 2006?He should have you as a guest? etc.

GloZell's bit could be trying to get on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. (like the Trix Rabbit who never got the cereal) Everything I try gets me taken away by security.

I tie up Kevin Eubanks put on a tight sweater with leather patches a backwards Kango and when Jay does his first joke I laugh like a crazy person." Oh Jay that was so funny, you are killing me" Jay looks and says' GloZell you can't be on the show...and security takes me away

say Beonce' is one of the guest...I sneak into her dressing room and explain that since she has been on the show that I should go on instead of her... I come out and Jay calls security...Then do the same thing with for example Jennifer Lopez( someone I couldn't possably look like)

I run into John Melendez...John tells me he is on the show. But I don't know who he is...he explains that he is the announcer but it doesn't ring a bell. Then John says" I'm the guy who raises the cup"....oh yeah. John takes me through hours of cup raising training but I never get it right so I can't be on the show...I never realized how hard it was to raise a cup...John makes is look so easy

I hide under Jay's desk and when he sits down...I get thrown out...

When the guest band is about to play I sneak on and play the tambourine or triangle. No one notices until after the song...Once again I get kicked out....
I have put a picture of myself on the background city...but of course Jay sees it" GloZell you can't be on the show'

I take the NBC tour and sneak into the writers room and try to add jokes about me...and security is called.

I try hiding in Jay's Car...nothing works.
I make my own Tonight Show with Jay Leno microphone and have a red patch of carpet for me to stand on and try to interview stars/anybody for my Tonight Show with Jay Leno reel. .(GloZell's red Carpet interview)

I end up at pee wee Karate award program...yelling to the kids and parents"Who are you wearing".

or Debbie Allen's Dance class just to get tape of me with a celebrities... Any kinds of diverse as possible, From Japanese to Armenian programs trying to get a interview so I can be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. GloZell will try anything!

My mother(with her church hat) jumps on the stage with Jay just like she did when she visited, and ask Jay "When are you going to put my baby on the show"...Security is called on both of us

Endless possibility's.
People can write in and give ideals on what GloZell can do to get on the show!

Meanwhile (Off camera) I can go to different schools/hospitals and motivate. Telling them they can do whatever they want in life...Just don't give up! Then explain why Jay Leno is my Hero and give them all a copy of Jay's children's book.That's what I love doing.

Even Ross the Intern tries to teach me.

This IS a great collaboration to an interesting relationship The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and GloZell have been having for over a year and four months. I still will be in line and meeting people before the show.

It's a twist that can bring different cultures and events along with much humor and fun to the best Late Night Show on Earth.

I love the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the staff...(except Smitty)You only talk about the ones you love.....I am a creative, reliable, dedicated and theTonight Show with Jay Leno Number One Fan. Thank You.

I can be reached at 3000 west Alameda Ave. Monday-Fridays...10 AM to 5:30 PM