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GoulZell....Ha ha Ha!

I didn't know if it was going to be a big day like yesterday Ron Paul supporters were everywhere! I have never seen it like that before.. Today I got to the line at one was was dark...on Halloween!
7:15 Wayne showed up. I remembered his name. He was here twice week before last.

This is how this conversation went. Wayne was doing all of the talking... Wayne--- I know you can tell I'm not black...(what)..yeh my father was oriental and white and my mother was Oriental and black... I started the WNBA...I had 400 women but I have narrowed it down to a few...the only black woman I have is Latoya Jackson...I can't wait to have kids... I might marry Pat Boone's daughter...or Christie Hefner...Hugh Hefner from Play Boy daughter...the one who bothers me the most about getting married is Jenna Bush...I would have to move her out of the White House... Ivanka Trump thinks I'm going to pick her but I don't know...I have to love the parents just as much as the daughter... Don't tell anyone but my father was one of the Three Stooges...Curly..(yeh I think he was the Oriental one)... when I get married I guess I will move my wife into one of my Hawaii homes... Don Hoe loves me...

I can't come to the show to see Denzel Washington tomorrow because I have a job fair...

GloZell--- You are giving a job fair?

Wayne----No I'm going to this big job fair for bosses at the Hilton at Universal Studios... I was thinking about buying a Bugatti that car cost 1 million dollars...I only want Jay to work on it...Jay would come over if I asked him to...Katie Curick want to be my secretary...I saw Carol Burnett on the bus on the way over here... Carol is just like a mother to me.
(I wish I was good enough to make this stuff up) This was before 8 AM

Then the next person in line was STINKY! The last time he was here he went to the bathroom in front of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno door.
11 AM when I got to the show line...Wayne was telling this nice couple from Ohio " If you bring me Vanilla coffee I will hold your spot in line" They came back with the coffee. (they bought Waynee two befor the day was over)
Then they wanted to take a walk and Wayne told them for more coffee he would hold their spot. I told them that you don't have to do anything for Wayne! There was only three people in line. Wayne STINKY and his companion!

No one wanted to sit next to them!
People were complaining so I kicked them out of the line... and told them they can come back when it's time to go into the show! They smelled like HOT DONKEY!

I was the only one with a costume on! Marice stopped by...After going to the job fair that was today...Wayne missed it.

Larkin who is a rapper or something passed by...
Wesley walked by...
A reporter Ric Frances took pictures because of the whole writer strike and how it's gong to affect NBC...
NBC SUPER PAGES Nazanin and Jade have only two more weeks until their year is up! They have always been so nice... I hope they get super million dollar jobs soon...

Ms. J ( in red who frequents the show) said" They have a new girl, I don't know her..I said " That is Nanny"! She really looked good.
The Pages was involved in a photo shoot for a new NBC reality show. (which doesn't need writers)

When we lined up...guess what STINKY was doing....
I told the Pages who told Tony(Head of security) but STINKY went to the show and sat next to the Ohio couple who told me after the show..."He smelled so bad"

The funny thing is that STINKY is a very nice guy!-----------


Jay's joke about Bobby Brown Crack Head made Mrs. J laugh so hard... she was stumping and was funny.

Eva Mendez...very pretty...talked about food and her bad driving...her dress was too big at the top. Laverne was showing more than Shirley. The dress made her look bigger than she is.

Marjorie Johnson...(old lady who talks a lot) cut herself while making pies...Jay teased her to death about blood in the pies. Jay passed the pie to the people in the first couple of rows.
Jeff B. came out with Lenny the lint brush and brushed the invisible lint off of Jay during the break!

Barry Manilow... was...good. I have met people in line who have paid to see Barry's concerts in Vegas and he didn't finish. Manilow only did enough to get paid , said he was sick and walk off stage. But people all over the world love him. And he is a big star. (Vickie got off her drums to talk to Kevin through half his song then turned around and spoke to Smitty they were laughing about something) Jay announced that Denzel will be here tomorrow and Steve Carell will be here on Friday.
Steve Carell ? He was just here... either it's going to be a rerun because of a writer's strike or the Back Street Boys aren't coming on Friday. Time will tell.--------------


In line today people were saying that Jay is in the mafia from his father side(Italian) and that is how he got the Tonight Show job instead of David Letterman...(Thanks Mafia) and all his gigs in Los Vegas! (Mafia head quarters) But now that Jay doesn't want to leave the show he should call up "THE FAMILY" and have them make the call. WOW! Jay was hoping not to have to do that but he will have to if he really wants to stay! And that Jay is built like a race horse(Italian)...(He does have the Heavy "D"Walk)
Also word on the street is if their is a writer's strike, Jay will be forced to write for the show. Jay wants to support the writers but if the stick goes to long he will have to write, because he does want to keep his job... and he can't go against "THE FAMILY "if they make the call for him.

If you make a certain amount of money the Mafia seeks you out and takes some or else...

This is crazy!

If I don't blog tomorrow you know who got to me...