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Green Man Group

I noticed I was ashy...Looks like I have been kicking flour...Do white people get ashy?
Well today my mom got suspended from her job... That's how my day started!

I didn't go to the 8am line today because the Toxic Twins gave me tickets for today and tomorrow. I missed it but not enough to waste my gas!

The line was quiet...some firemen got lost so I went over and took a picture...some guy who was by himself started stretching the ladies next to him turned away. It was like he wanted them to see his crotch...I took a picture of a new cop who didn't pay much attention to the line,he had his back to us and was on the phone he stayed away from us...his name was officer Green( man that's my last name!) One of the Pages had an interview today this Page looks like Pat from SNL. I thing she is so goofy that she should be in front of the camera someone should make money off of her.

Jamie Pressley from the show "My Name is Earl". She was stunning in a emerald Green dress! she just had a baby five months ago and she is bikini ready.

Brady Barr is nuts. Brady likes to pretend that he is a crocodile and live with them. Now he wrangles snakes. He had this huge python and it slithered off the stage and every one screamed! It was great. He showed a clip of when he went into a cave and got bit by a Python...good! If a crazy white man came into my house unwelcome you might get bit also. I think the snake did the right thing.

The Blue Man Group was the best! They were funny and very entertaining!

Bryan who works with the talent(what do I know, you are probably a producer ) You looked hot with the hat. That's a good look. I am available for hugs before the show. And you owe me a piece of cake!

After the show a girl drove right into the median where the TS guest cross, my light turned Green so I couldn't take a picture...she jumped out of the car so she was alright.

GLOZELL GHETTO GRIPE!-------------------------------------------------------------------

I get to the light after the show guess who's there Jeff B. the wardrobe guy praying that I don't see him...Well I did see you, next time I just going to stare at you until the light change...Last Friday I was next to a BMW it was the lady front the show who deals with the talents guest.

Long brown hair looks great in jeans...has long black boots...we were together for three lights and she turned her head the other way for all three light. I must not know my own power people act like scared punks around me what am I going to do blog about you...big deal you work for the number one late night show.

Once I was at a function and Jay's hairdresser Margret was there...she looked me dead in my Face eye to eye we were standing next to each other and she just bolted for the door. OH MY GOODNESS GLOZELL MIGHT BLOG ME MOVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Hey people you could just wave...I guess I understand .. I'm not apart of the Tonight Show with Jay what could a blog do to you.
Today would have been John Lennon's birthday...Imagine

My sister DeOnzell called me while I'm blogging I can't hang up because she doesn't call that often. She told me "Hey your mother got fired today" An was escorted off the school premises... I know...Blah blah blah...She so stupid..Blah blah blah.

Then DeOnzell said, that She(De) was teaching today ...35 kids...I farted but I was away from the kids... A teacher came in the room and walked right in it said "Wow I think one of the kids pooted" My sister said the teacher started coughing like she could taste it.

My sister and I laughed! That was a good feeling. Who knew gas is all you need!

I told her she might have to start paying mom rent since she lost her job. (click) Oh well it was nice talking to her while it lasted.