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8-7-2006 The Tonight Show did a Jay Walking segment outside. This was done after the show right outside the studio.

This guy who looked like John Denver but now looks like Ellen Degeneres was yelling"Back up, back up" he works for the show. The cue card lady walked out of the gate and stood next to us. (she looks like a young Sally Field) John Denver guy yelled again"Back up everyone". He was very rude about it.

I was thinking...that's the lady who writes the cue cards...he doesn't recognize her?...I guess they don't think to highly of the cue card lady. It must be like the person who types in the courtroom? who ever thinks about them...I still would think that he would be nicer to her.

The cue card lady quietly said ok and joined us.

hmmm this guy doesn't recognize her or he doesn't care because he is higher than her...

I started thinking when I become rich and famous I'm going to hire the cue card lady to be my Secretary. Cue card lady can get me doughnuts and tea it will be better than being yelled at...I'm going to be nice to her...I bet she doesn't have much of an education...that's why that guy yelled at her also.

I bet she is treated like dirt before the show because she just writes.

At that time the pages wasn't that friendly also. So I thought the cue card lady was paid less than them.

Months passed I would just watcher her during the show and how she was treated... I bet she gets nervous because she sits right next to the stage...The guy next to her with the Superman hair must tell her what to write. I guessed that the men were in charge only.

One day the guy wasn't there and Cue card lady started writing...Oh no! what is she doing...She can't just make up things for Jay to say... She going for it... she kept writing...who is telling my future Secretary what to write? Cue card lady has lost her mind! I hope she doesn't get fired.

She was back the next day...hmmm.. cue card lady must be kind of smart because there is no spell check with cue cards...I never see her using a dictionary...

One day Jay said" Debbie the producer" and looked her way...Producer!...The cue card lady is a...Producer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!...I can't believe that! She stood in line with us 2006. I just had to laugh at myself. A Producer at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Debbie (Cue Card writer/Producer) would always were this 12 foot scarf. "The Anaconda" because it's freezing in the studio. One day...she wasn't wearing the Anaconda and I noticed how petite she was. And what a great shape she had...and where did that chest come from?

I thought that one day that I might help her...Ha ha ha. She is a producer, must be a pretty big one because she can say cut and the show will stop. I watch her all the Secretary...Ha!

I thought she was a poor little cue card person...I have been fascinated by her ever since. Debbie the Producer could have told that guy off that was yelling at us ( maybe she did the next day). Debbie just joined the crowed. I hope to meet her one day...and give her a dounut.

In the 8AM line Miguel(the grounds keeper) told me that he has to go to the doctor because of a growth on his hand. He is scared about it because his brother just died of cancer two months ago. So I prayed over his hand. (no one else was there)

Somehow a Muffin and some tea showed up at my seat. (I can start a business will pray for food,ha ha) His hand looked bad so I hope all is well with Miguel.

In the show line I met some die hard matchbox twenty fans. Who put up matchbox twenty pictures next to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Sign!
Melissa(who is suppose to be at work and has a crush on Carmen Electra, Dawn, Shirlise (who turns 32 today, Sandy. Great people!

Shelley from Long Beach has Rob Thomas signature tattooed on her chest, over her heart.(The lead singer of matchbox twenty)

Shelley also found the time to coat her mb20 necklace so it won't irritate her.
Brett from Lancaster was putting chapstick on his new tattoo. He said that it keeps the vibrant color of the tat while it heals and prevents scar tissue to form.( I learn so much in this line)

Maurice stopped by. It seems like his Danny Glover meeting is postponed for another week or so.(hmmm) Maurice didn't go to the show but that didn't stop him from counting the line.
Shirlise turned 32 today. Happy Birthday...Shirlise has a 16 year old daughter...the daughter has an 11 month old daughter. Shirlise is a Grandmother she looks and is younger than I am.

On the show today!

John Larroquette! I loved him on on the show "Night Court". So cute!

Chelsea Handler looks great. She has great legs! Chelsea is funny and I hope her show doesn't fall into the Fox late night curse...Chevy Chase show, Joan Rivers Show ect. Jay Leno better not go to FOX!
matchbox twenty was exciting. It's always fun when I've been with the fans and I have heard so much about their concert experience, and how much they have spent on tickets, who traveled the furthest ect. I'm excited to see the group.

After the show Brett(tattoo guy) called Rob Thomas over to sign a CD and he did! Then Shelley got a poster signed! I was happy for them

I got a picture of Jay to go into Bob's Big Boy restaurant on Riverside a while back...someone stole it. The one who I think took it told me that I should have not had it signed by Jay... it was to valuable.



Brittany Spears is supposedly going back to rehab..for what to pick up another guy? I think she should be on Survivor and that will scare her behind straight. I Promise.

Someone broke into Nicolas Cage house while he was home put on Nick's jacket then passed out with a knife in his hands Nicholas Cage found him.

That is so scary... Nicholas cage being the first person you see after passing out!