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My sister called me today to tell me that a choir that were toured England with is having a reunion this week. I can't go because I choose to go to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Yesterday I went to a "Bead for Life" meeting. It was about the women in Africa who make beads to support their families. I'm the type to change the channel when the poor bloated African children are on TV and fat host is asking for money. ( you know,80 cents a day kimbaba can eat)

Bead for life means that they make a living. The goal is to make enough money to eat every day. Their stories were heart breaking but the woman had great spirit and hope for their lives.(Bead for It's a great foundation and the beads are colourful and beautiful. I was glad that a lot of people bought them.
In the 8 am line. Kristi drove from San Diego at 4 AM to get tickets to see her man Pat Monahan the lead singer from the music group Train. She loves this guy and her and her husband are going to a week of his concerts. Kristi is driving back tomorrow to see Pat on the Carson Daily Show.(who am I to say that a fan is crazy)
While Kristi, Mike and Katrina was out side we noticed this truck going back and forth. It was Jay doing a skit outside! He didn't wave or anything he was concentrating on his driving.

Mike V. who installs alarm systems and his girlfriend Katrina G. loves Jay Leno. Mike thinks that Conan would make a great replacement for Jay. ( I asked Mike to get out of the line when he said that! ) Mike is a great person and got a chance to meet Jay! He was speechless for the whole show...I bet he could care less about Conan now! Ha


Jason Lee from" My name is Earl"

Kristin Chenoweth from "Pushing Up Daisies"...I love her. She is just a little doll. Her vice is just like Debbi V. (Producer/cue card writer/ all powerful) Kristin sang a Dolly Parton song! Dolly is the only person I would freak out to see at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I went to her concert last year and I keep the ticket stub on my dashboard.

Pat Monahan was great! I was very happy for Kristi who had waited all day.


Kevin Federline is dirt! I think that he wooed Brittany Spears...left his pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson...married Brittany got her pregnant twice... got her hooked on drugs...left and now has the kids. He has four children under the age of 5. Shar and Brittany didn't plan the children...but Kevin did.

Brittany is nuts! She hands her children over then goes and gets a tan. I am praying for her. Its the same thing as Howard K. Sterns and Birkhead. I don't want Brittany to end up like Anna Nicole.

I was watching Dancing with the Stars. It was boring because I didn't know who anyone was at first. Then... Who allowed Wayne Newton to dance with his old girdle behind? No Danka!

They should call it Dancing with twinkle twinkle little stars...or starlets...or on Wyane's case stardust!