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Bionic Glo...

Thank goodness for the invisible Mrs. J and her husband Mike! When I got to the line today their was about 20 people in line. Mrs. J and her husband Mike said they were holding a place for me because they didn't see me but knew I was going to the show! Thanks. I took a picture of them while they were praying over two hot dogs.(which they shared with me,thanks) Mrs. J is invisible to Jay because she has been trying to get a picture with him.

Mrs. J told the Mrs. Bradford from Oklahoma that Jay came out into the line and gave her a foot massage...Mrs. J told Jay Leno " A little more on the right". We had a great time in line today!

Wayne and Don and Sheryl Bradford. Don is a romantic minister. On their 3oth anniversary Don had fresh cut flowers sent to the house every day for a year! (I want to know what prayer Sheryl does) They met and was Married at Shoneys restaurant when he was 17 and she was 18.

They met Maurice who came to the show today and counted the line...

I helped Paulette Smith, B. Victoria, and Tyrel Hatcher (US soldier who's leg was blown off while fighting Iraq and was reattached) get tickets to the show...I wish I could have gotten them a picture with Jay but I was just hoping they were going to get into the show...they did!

Linda, Susan (who I met at months ago in line when Dwight Yoakam was here) and Glinda! Huge Dwight Yoakam fans!

Hey Catrina, Wanda,( who I met the last time Jeff Foxworthy was at the show) and their good friend, Angel.

Bill the Cig had his last day today!He was hilarious! I call him Bill the Cig because he get a cigarette off Andy the on stage security guard Aka "The Hair" Every day since I have been going to the show. In GloZelland if I had to pick one person to work with me on the GloZell Green Show it was him. Billy the Cig shot a bird at me once for something I said about him on my blog. Then we were cool. I don't want someone just kissing up to me. I like that we could fight and get things done. He will get what he wants and I am glad that he has moved up. I wish I could have worked with him! Love Ya( I'm shooting you a loving bird)
On the show:

Halle Berry was beautiful and pregnant. I aways wondered what beautiful people do when they are feeling down...and can't find a flaw on what does Halle Berry do when she is feeling down?...morphs her face in to ugly people...That's right regular people. Beautiful people take ugly pictures of themselves to cheer up... how lovely. What was just awful the first picture she said makes her look was a small face and large nose... That was a stupid thing to say Halle...last picture was with a large chin and she gave that one to Jay.(How sweet)

Halle had one bodyguard that was texting on his sidekick before Halle came out. Tony the head of NBC security stooped him. Tony had to tell him twice.(Great job Tony!) Cause if you are texting you are not protecting.

Greg Grunberg from" Heros" was good. I loved his past clips...I found him to be ...oh my goodness Lindsay Wagner just came into the room ...I am freaking out! It is Cotton picking Bionic Woman/ Sleep Number Mattress I ask for a picture?...She asked me to guard her purse! I AM GUARDING THE BIONIC WOMAN'S PURSE.. (Breathe) I love her, when she would jump over a building and you would hear danaaaa danaaa) Get it together GloZell! She is going to think you are a FREAK!

I was talking about Heros and Lindsay Wagner walks in the room. She is doing a show at my Church...I will never leave this church ever. Now I will go to the show and get a picture.

Dwight Yoakam always puts on a great show...he is wonderful...yada yada yada... However

His pants was so tight I like to call them Penile Suicide! During his performance I heard it a tiny little voice" help me, free me" He was jirating around and strumming his guitar in between his legs all suggestive like. His jeans was all up his crack! You have to see this words can describe his smashed twigs and berrys(no relation to Halle)... He is proud of his manhood but he must tuck and roll back. When Dwight takes off his jeans you hear that pop sound ...the usual sound of something that was vacuum packed.WoW Tight Yoakam.

On the way out of the studio I ran right into SMITTY coming out of the Greenroom with crumbs all over his face!

Hey I got a picture with the Original Bionic Woman...Today was a great day! I had the bionic lunch box and stickers! Sometimes you look for a sign that things are on the right track...and sometimes they just walk into the room.

Now I'm stuck because she is meditating and if I move my stuff it will make too much noise...everytime I click on the mouse pad...she blinks so I will put up pictures late tonight or ...oh no my stomach is might mess up her chi! I'm starving and I'm stuck because the BIONIC WOMAN is praying or somthing...shut up stomach...I only had a pice of hotdog from Mrs. J in line this morning...I wonder is she has powers and knows what I'm Typing...(Don't freak GloZell)

I could never host a show because I am so star struck! I got to go I'm starving to death!...I could look up pictures of her but if she wakes up and sees Bionic Woman Pictures she is going to think I'm do I get out of here without disturbing her!...I AM HUNGRY

She is an Icon! I'm stuck in a room with a Superhero...Oh MY GOODNESS she just asked me where are the bathrooms...okay... just got back I have time to put up pictures before she returns!

She asked me to attend her show...danaaa dannaaa.

So I attend the show and it wasn't a show at all. I thought she was doing a one woman play or something. It was about an energy healing called "Oneness" she laid hands on us and blessed us. Lindsay Wagner talked about the energy we give off and who we react to situations based on what happen to us during our childhood...It was very good! Her two sons was there also. They passed out mats and people were on the floor. For more information on Linsay Wagner's teaching...go to