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Ms. Super Glo...

Well because of the Paramount movie shoot at my church I am getting what I can get done at a coffee house that has wifi ( three bucks FOR TEA) but there is a guy who has been on television and I can't think of his name...I will try to have enough nerve to ask for a picture...

Hmm I can meet TV people while I blog! It will me three dollars but....Oh snap his he is talking to some guy about a show...I love this...I feel like I'm in on the action...oh they are talking about a film festival....I got to go to the bathroom...I hope I don't miss anything!(GloZell Please get a life)

The guy I saw at the coffee house was Dan Futterman...He refused to take a picture with me (And I have taken pictures with bigger stars then him) so he is on GLOZELLS GHETTO POO LIST...

I'm enjoying myself while I can...My mother got fired from her job and she only had four years left until she retired...The Tonight Show better be good today...I know I have to go to Florida soon.

Boyfriend is taking me out to eat( man got paid!)
It has been reported that Michael Jackson has Lupus....

GLOZELL'S GHETTO TV-------------------------------------------------------------------

Journey Man on NBC...I think that they need to speed things up. Let the audience in on more secrets or the audience is going on a journey to another show.

Bionic Woman (Boo) Who are the good people who are the bad... you don't have a lot of time to capture the viewer when you have hyped up the show so much .

Hero's on NBC has a slow beginning...get it together writers...

Chuck is cute and I think that show could last longer that Journey Man and Bionic Woman

Pushing Daises I thought was going to be a stupid show but it makes me want so continue to watch. It's different and looks like Edward Scissor Handish...good show. ..ABC (I think)

Cave Men...I have to say hats off the ABC( I think that's the network) for trying to do something different but please try harder.

What do you think? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

I met Ms. Lime Light Trisha Paytas who is a Super Hero on the SiFi show "Who wants to be a Super Hero"! Trisha and her mother Lenna took pictures of themselves all day...did their make-up... and posed for pictures. They were alot of fun men broke their necks to look at them!
Jack a (assocate base ball scout for the Braves ) and his daughter Cindi...I met them two weeks ago. They were nice and gae me lunch. We really had a great time in the line today.
Mike(with a big bug on his cap) and Cheri who are proud to be from Cleavland Ohio!

A lady had a bad nose bleed and the NBC Security Guard was so helpful, Ben(the older Asian man) brought her some ice and water...That was so nice!

Jennine comes to the show with her husband all the time...This is my fourth time talking with her.

Then Mr. Roach(that's his name) came peddeling by on his bike that had a pink basket and a bell...I got on also...
I got reports that the NBC Page Joanna was very rude...The word that was use was B***H and that she has a bug up her B*T. So Joanna just try to overcome whatever Joanna so that you don't come across that way again...Cool

I should also mention the perfect NBC Page Kendall I don't think she will stay the full year. She is handsdown the Number One Page! She should get a great job before her year is up!

Guest on the show:

Dana Carvey who stole the show. He was just amazing to watch. I found him to be quite talented...he could have toned it down when the next guest came on but he was fun to watch.

Malin Akerman was prettin in her hot pink had a very low back. I know she was cold but she looked great! She is in Ben Stillers new movie "The Heartbreak Kid"

Musical Guest "Plain White T's" I liked the had this cool rhythem change. The only thing that was weird was the drummer who looked like...SMITTY. This brother had on TIGHT Black Jeans...Slap Mess...he was was Itty Bitty Smitty.

Kiefer Sutherland drunk behind has to do 48 hours in jail...He is such a slush that's why he does the show 24...24 cans of been in a case! Kiefer gets tore up drunk!

Wayne Newton is of Dancing with the Stars! Danka Danka! His dance partner would have had a better chance of winning by dancing with a Fig Newton...Ha

Brittany Spears passed her drug test...She got tips from Marion Jones !