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8th day to strike...Glo with all her might!

At NBC it was low in numbers. I didn't see a news reporter. But still a lot of people honked their horns(Thanks Honkies!)

I didn't hear chanting today...people are tired. The strikers think that the strike will last at least until January.

Some of us watched a guy spray water on the electric power lines to clean it...dangerous

Maurice stopped by!

And random old shirtless guy

I got a chance to talk to Hope... I use to work at the spa she attends (I was her message therapist) I last saw her at a Christmas Party and her husband played the guitar...he use to be in the band "Wings" with Sir Paul .

We got steak sandwiches and Key Lime Pie from Morton's Steak House...

My first Key Lime pie hit the floor... Oops

And wings from "Hooters"...

Maurice missed the food...(Don't look at me like that Maurice Davis)

We get a lot of food while striking so I have intented: TAE-GLO Striking Exercise System....

Take your sign and work your...




Flatten that stomach!

and don't forget the Booti-mus-maximus!



Why is some woman claiming to be Zahara's mother? (Zahara is the black baby girl that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted)

The mother wants Zahara back?

Let me get this strait. Zahara was half dead starving at a orphanage swatting flys in Africa. Angelina and Brad took the child to the States and took care of her.

And now the mother wants the child back...that's just as stupid as Ellen crying over a dog she didn't want!
It's because Iggy was BLACK! ummm hmmm

Why would the mother want the child back. Just because Angelina use to wear Billy Bob Thortons blood around her neck ? And Angelina will kiss her brother in the mouth like he was her cousin.. and because she talks about world Peace but doesn't talk to her father....and the fact that she is shacking up with a handsome actor (Brad Pitt)who had an affair then left his All American Girl wife(Jennifer Annistion) to be with her.

The mother has a point.....No no no. Zahara is better off with the Vampire and the good looking whore!
(one of these things is not like the others) okay..(two of these things are not like the white one)

I will strike all of my African products until this matter is cleared! NO TACOS and NO LION KING FOR ME!

A-kuna-mata- ta and adios!