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Glo,Fight,Win...Strike Day 10

John Edwards is a nice guy to come out and support the writers! Sarah Silverman and Valerie Harper truly support the cause!
So does Desperate Housewives and one of my favorite Strike Captains! The comedic duo Frangela came out and walked!Bob Perlow(the warm up comedian for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for the last 12 years) Told me there is no guest host coming for the Tonight Show...No Jay...No Show.Thanks! I keep running into this actress...I can't remember where she is from but she is nice!
The Lollipop Guild Supports the Writers Guild...they are so cute...They are going to finally get their star on the Walk of better represent!I love the Wizard of Oz

This one was are a munchkins not a got the wrong story!See why we need writers!They have been married for 32 tiny years! I was honored to meet them.

Of course Ron Paul was represented!

I have met the people behind characters of the best shows! Joe D. writer of Saving Grace,and Thirty Something(middle) and Erik(right) Have been striking everyday! Thanks for the hard work!
Wow the Incredible Hulk...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!It's Joe who is in the movie "Confessions of a Superhero"...not so scary with his head off...
Yo W stands for Writers...just ask Josh Harraway Tupacimpersonator.comWe had great healthy food from Eatura!Of course Maurice (Film Producer/Executive Producer of film/Taco Bell worker) showed up for the food. He is so funny! I bet he counts the taco shells all day! I got thirsty...thank goodness for this Lemonade Stand...How Much?This Telemudo Reporter wanted to speak to someone who spoke Spanish... I told him to pick any NBC Security Guard... Boyfriend's friends Tony(childof and his beautiful wife Donna-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This happened this morning. 10 AM

We were all walking around in the circle...10 am. Access Hollywood wanted strikers to gather around the on other side (Ellen side) to do a story on the strikers.(No Problem) We walk over and Peter(in white shirt) is like"What are you all doing?" "Where are you going?"Access Hollywood wants to do a story over on this side.

Peter - - Access Hollywood doesn't run this strike. You should always call Joe or myself if you are going to leave your post. Now there is no one over on Alameda Ave.

Guy from the show(writer/director) "Samantha Who" got loud" Well I think TV coverage is better than just striking. It doesn't hurt the strike, we need all the coverage we can get!

Peter -- We have NBC and Telemudo on Alameda with no Strikers!

Samantha Who guy--- It's no big deal! We need the coverage.

Peter took off his headset...Peter --Do you want to run this?

Samantha Who Guy --- I can't believe this!

GloZell ( I can't believe are the writers supposed to work together to get more money when they can't get along during a strike...and act like this in front of Access Hollywood)

Peter--- Look we are all on the same team...I just want to make sure we have coverage...lots of people drive on Alameda and we have news teams on that street. So lets work together. I went back to to Alameda Ave.

(You have to know and respect the people in charge in order for there to be order... it's just day 10.)


Special Shout out to Eddie (baby daddy) Murphy for walking off a movie set, in honor of the writers eh eh.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Later on a LOT of people showed up today...the energy was high and it felt great!



Lindsay Lohand was in jail...then got out...yada yada yada

Britnay Spears cant' drive, didn't pass drug test, runs over people.... ya ya ya
Donny and Marie Osmond..blah blah blah

Same stuff different day...I got to go see Annie tonight, blog with ya's Monday...we will see if there is a Tonight Show ... I talked to two writers, one security guard, and a camera man from the Tonight Show, who is now working on Day's of Our Lives and the warm up guy... they haven't heard about a guest host or Jay doing a show without said that they wish the show would start matter who host.