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GloZell's GLADD Day!

I am still just a wee bit ticked at Joe M. (The head writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno..snapped at me earlier this week...I know I said I will get over it, but due to the fact that I am a woman ...that means I can change my mind when I get good and ready)

I decided to just be a rebel...I will strike within a strike! The Tonight Show Writers have their click...I will click all by myself! HA!...I am NOT going to wear the strike shirts...first of all I am tired of looking like a lady dude everyday. So that was my plan...

I find this black tank top...fluff up Lavern and Shirley (Boob 1 and 2) and I'm off to strike..and nobody better not say a word to me or look at me funny...

Knowing Joe and his randomness... he will probably look at my out of uniform shirt and say...Why did you were those earings?..(Ha...I am so plan is fool proof)
I get to the sign in and there is Joe...(man, does he know when I show up to sign in?)

Joe == How are you today GloZell?
GloZell == (Do you not know that I will be mentally mad at you for at least a week! In order for that to work I need you to be the jerk you were Tuesday morning ...not this sweet kind person!)

GloZell == Fine Joe...(I will still have hidden attitude mister! ...I got my sign and I was heading to Alameda)
Joe== Do you want to go to the Carson Daly post?

GloZell== (What! The Tonight Show writers hang out?...hmmm... You not getting me's a trap!)

No thank you..(My Boobs and I are going to Alameda! HA)
It's official..I'm a Californian...That's when someone is nice to you and you try to figure out what's wrong.

I go to Alameda and...something is...different... camera people here today...That dog is wearing a...necklace?...That guy is interviewing the woman in...plaid...I've never seen her before... I asked" What's going on today?"
It's GLADD Day!

It's Gay and Lesbian day.GLADD is going to walk on Alameda today.
I looked at a sign in sheet and sure enough...Gay Gate Email...(My big mouth already told Joe no to the other man...I'm not a writer and and I don't have any plaid The dog is dressed better than me...I'm not going to fit in today) So much for being a one cares about boobs today! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
YES! I will hang with this guy!
---------- I had a GREAT time with the Gay and Lesbians... They probably could sense that I have seen the whole first season of " The L Word"... ( I am so cool) I met Jack and Jazzie Gay and Lesbians brought music...You haven't been a part of a Strike until you strike to Taylor Dane. The Gay Strikers greeted each other with a hug and a kiss on the cheek(The face). Jackie,C J,Adam, and Dennis made me an honorary GAY person..I am GLADD! Steven Share from Teamsters # 399 dropped of sandwiches for everyone from Lillian Lawrence! Wow ! Thanks! I was interviewed by Steve from CNN... It was a great turn out...every one was so friendly...

LoVe your pearls Girlfriend... Jazzie likes me!.. By the end of the day Pete and I were the only ones at our post...( WARNING!...This was a action not try this at home...we are professional Stunt Strikers) Passing by the Ellen Show entrance...the guest had gifts...I guess The Ellen Show is collecting gifts for children for the Holidays...maybe one might be for that dog Iggy. That's nice...When this strike is over...everyone will forgive everyone and it will be all good again! No one is going to stay mad at Ellen...
It interesting to strike next to the NBC Christmas Tree... It's Jay's last year hosting the Tonight Show...I hope he gets his whole happy last year... Someday we'll find it...The Producers...the Writers...and me...------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GLOZELL'S GHETTO GOSSIP!

Have You heard? Helio Castroneves...the race car driver who won "Dancing with the Stars" is no longer getting married. Supposedly he hasn't contacted his woman in the last two months! WHAT! Whoever she is...she is a much better woman than I am. Cuz if he was my man...and we were supposed to get married...and he started dancing with some cute little hoochie and couldn't
get to a phone... for two months...Then kiss his dancing partner on national TV!...OH ZELL TO THE NO! I would take my happy behind up to that dance place and start a new show called" Dancing with my shoe up your ***. He can take that trophy home! Okay...

Brittany Spears better not be pregnant again... She had better not be.... that girl gets me so mad..

Dear Brittany Spears,

If your fast behind is pregnant again...I GloZell, with all power in my hands will find you and shake some sense in to your little head. Your mother can't control you or tell you what to I will be your momma now...Do you hear me child? I better not hear that...Don't make me walk to Malibu and knock on doors to find you...most of the houses are burnt down so it wont take me too long! Trust and believe!