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Glo's Strike Day 6...can this be fixed?

Today was: Bring your Family to Strike Day! (adorable little striker)

Reporters come out everyday! The writers were talking about what little media attention they have been getting. (The Producers also control the NEWS)
Some protected themselves from the sun.
I know that look...
I hear that NBC is putting the pressure on Jay to return to the show...they might use guest hosts...The networks aren't going to go too long without making money.
Shamim has Diamond in her bag!
Shamim... Singer/Song Writer (who wrote a song about getting royalties) was out with the whole family passing out cookies!(

Joseph Dougherty (writer of Saving Grace) and Dan Farren(co-founder of

More Cookies! Thanks Cookie Man!

Some reporters pull strikers off to the side. My legs are getting a work out....maybe by the end of this strike my thighs won't rub together.We have to change the direction of the circle...I'm wearing out my shoes on one side!Where is the strike handbook!
How cute is this little girl?
Day six...I was wondering because it was Veterans Day weekend if a lot of people would strike. It was a strong turn out.

Some Strikers are meeting tomorrow at Universal Studios Hollywood!I think I'll stay at NBC. Any one can come out and support!



I saw the report on the Priest that is stalking Conan. The Priest was showing up at his show all the time for a year. (weird) Well I'm going to be on the look out for anyone Stalking Jay Leno!...that should be easy for me...I'm there everyday....(I know what you're thinking)... Jay is very lucky to have me.
Some say that Tom Cruise worships aliens....not true! I think he is married to one. Katie Homes ran a marathon... smiled through the whole thing...didn't sweat...and had on no bra! Then went out with Tom that night in HEELS!...can you say Stepford Wife? (Tom's ex-wifeNicole Kidman is now free)

Dog the Bounty Hunter looks like a fool trying to apologize for calling his son's black girl friend the "N"word. Dog the Bounty Hunter said" I have so many black friends, I took advantage of what I can say...I realize now that I am not black...I will be buried next to black slaves as a punishment for what I have done.(Crazy) He should change his name...Dogs are colorblind!
I don't like it when women hit on me...If I wanted a woman to touch me... I would enroll at Oprah's School in Africa! I like skittles but I don't want to taste the rainbow! Okay.