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This morning my mother told me the school board rehired her. Overturning the Principal's decision. It was due to the community coming together, and very special person. Mom starts Monday. You have to go THROUGH tough times in order to know who has your back when you need them. If you never have a problem you woudn't know what faith in God can do. Some people get things handed to them...and others have to fight for the same opportunity...I can relate to that.

I pray that it's a smooth reunion for and mom and everyone. Seems like throughout time one group, strike against a group that should be working together...who is the winner?The race is not giving to the swift or to the strong but to the ones who endures until the end.A famous King once said" Can't we all just get along?"

I would like to thank...God, mother, sister, Boyfriend, First Christian Church Of North Hollywood, Fightin'mad Mary, Rithy, Melinda, Madlab post, Karen, Dan, Shorts Girl, Jay Leno,Tonight Show with Jay Leno Staff... Crew... Producers...Pages...audience, WGA who let me strike with them, SAG...all of the people who put up with me...and this blog!

Thanks for your sense of humor...


My Heart goes out to the Men and Women who are Fighting over seas and are not able to be home for the Holidays.
Dennis Quaid who baby twins was overdosed with the medicine by accident. Kanye West family who will be missing Kanye's mother...
Mary Kate Olson who has a kidney infection and I hope is out of the hospital to have a thanksgiving feast at home... or at least a spoonful of something. (try unsweetened cranberry juice)
O J who...naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day...or as the Indians call it... Your Welcome Day!
I will be having Thanksgiving with Boyfriend's family in Fresno California