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Glozell is about to Ginger Snap!

I don't get the Tonight Show writers...They are always by themselves. It seems like they would take advantage of all of the creative minds and ideas of the writers just walking around striking everyday. The writers should also go to the comedy clubs every week.. on different Comic nights...Black night, White night , Collage night, Spanish, Middle Eastern... Always know what is fresh and what people think is funny. The writers are mostly the same gender, race ...etc. if you don't want to hire a different least go look at it. Jay has a built in audience that watch the show because they use to watch the Tonight Show with their parents and grandparents. But now they have had a chance to see other shows. When the Tonight Show comes back...not all of the viewers will follow.

You have to have some new stuff. Try anything! Do the show Even if it's stinks people/media will talk about it and tune in to see what else is going on.

Kevin Eubanks can start the monologue and Jay sit in Kevin's seat and laugh and interrupt Kevin...people will tune in.

The Tonight Show loves old people. ..add a twist. don't just have Betty White...use all of the remaining Golden Girls...
Marjorie Johnson(Cookie Lady) have the audience look under there chair and find...ONE COOKIE! and tell the audience to go wild like they were on Oprah or something. Impress Ed Asner...have Ed try to figure out who is the real Snoop Dogg... or guess which is an ipod...will the real(whatever) please stand up. Something along those lines so you incorporate the very very old with something new. Anything...when this strike is over people are going to look at the Tonight Show and think...are they still in reruns. We have seen the same have to change/add something.

In 2009 when/if Jay will be a good thing. Jay will go to another network...and hopefully not take some of the same OLD writers with the same OLD ideas... What are you going to do Jay"Let's scare Betty White on ABC? In that case Jay, you should just start your own network. The AARP Show with Jay conjunction with TV Land...sponsored by Prune Juice and Depends.

Tonight Show Producers... while this strike thing is going on...Do you have Bloopers you can show? Anything you edited out 15 years ago that was controversial then but not tell why it was edited out and why...

Do you have clips of auditions?: Kevin Eubanks, John Melendez, Ross the Intern?
Clips when Jay's parents were on the show...

How the Tonight Show comes together"Secrets of the Tonight Show" you book guest...what time Jay arrives...what is planed ahead of time...

What really happened? Once the pages told me I was going to enjoy the Buffalo on the animal segment but I didn't see them...what happened? Tell about the monkey that got loose in the studio and didn't get caught until after a few you have footage?

What happens when a guest doesn't show up...or is late?

Fight fire with fire! Fight David with David...Do you have the Tonight Show tapes when David Letterman guest hosted the show.( I don't know if he ever did)

People would love to feel like they are in the know...then when the show starts up again people will feel closer to the show...not just Jay. The things you didn't want to show before...look it over it might not be so bad and show it now.

During this time think about cleaning house...stagnate= death. If people are not coming up with some new stuff let them keep marching in circles.

If the head ain't right...

Why are the Strikers picketing against Carson Daly?...If there is anyone to prove you need's him. The writing is fine..he is stiff and uninteresting...but cute. So if Carson Daly wants to do his show with out writers...let him...

--------------- Well I guess I will go to the strike...I don't want to go today... I really don't...So it will be late if I post again today. Thanks!

I went to strike
Joe= = How are you today GloZell?
GloZell == Just fine..(Dr. Jekyll or is it Mr. Hyde today?)

( okay maybe I'm still a little salty about yesterday but I will get over it Joe was nice)

A few people came up to me and said me getting in trouble was funny. Funny? I didn't sleep last night. No one knows what the big deal was...I still don't.(whatever)

Maurice stopped by. His check isn't enough from the restaurant he works at.(Taco Bell)( This is a bad picture of us) Some strikers think that the writers should take whatever deal that is on the table. Some don't understand this strike and if a great deal doesn't come out of trust in the WGA and the President of WAG has to go.

Film makers that I have met say that this strike doesn't affect them. Writers should get a big cut up front and not worry about residuals.

Ian Edwards and I go way back. We were both performing at the Comedy Union and The Comedy Store on Sunset...he performs every week still. What I do know is that Jay is a person that has to work. This strike must be driving him nuts...I think he has some form of A.D.D. Jay has probably knitted twelve car covers by now.Over all most people think this strike will be over by January if not...Jay will probably go back to work...strike or no strike.

Jay cares about his writers...but he cares about his staff also...right?

Some people had Anti-Carson Daly Signs. (Funny) This Jeff Zuker(Jay-Z) guy must be big. One of the strikers said that if Jeff sells NBC to Sony they do not have to honor the 40 Million Dollar contract with Conan then they can keep Jay. ( I don't care what they do...bah humbug!) John Stewart is a better fit for the host of the Tonight Show than Conan. (I'm just saying)

Today was International Rally Day. Writers all across the world are supporting the strike. Good turn out. After the rally hear come Maurice...Maurice thought he looked good behind the podium. Marice is also...a...Model Promoter...(okay) Service Employees International Union support the WGA Strike. They drove by in big trucks playing music. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Oprah has Stedman Graham...who is a tall light skin brother...
Star Jones Reynolds husband is a tall light skin brother...

Terry McMillan...was married to a tall light skin brother...-Hmmm the woman are all shorter strong educated dark skin sisters...I wonder what else the brothers have in common...Oh... they all have mustaches...maybe they should change to beards?