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Green @ Universal...Strike Day 7

I went to Universal Studios Today to strike at 7 AM...I met Darcy and Colette...then I ran into the rest of my friends!George Alexander from Seinfeld... I mean Jason Alexander...Love's me...and I love him! Sarah Silverman and GloZell just kicking it....David Spade you snuck up on turn to the cameraThanks DaveCSI pals and Patrica from Everybody Loves Raymond!Tim Daily always finds time for me...I love his new show "Private Practice"You know I love me some James from"Good Times"!Hey you wrote Desperate Housewives I love that show...(So he introduced me to some of his cast)A good plumber is hard to find...Felicity girl how are you doing?...I loved you Doug on Melrose and your wife!Lisa Kudrow of course we are friends!....I watch Chuck on NBC every week!Kathy G. You are on my A List!Minnie Driver...I thought you were mean but you are cool with me! I know you are all grown up Dr. Doogie Houser...But Zack Is going to Scrub in now What's up Doc's?...You can't have me all to yourself...
I do not know what show you are from...I do not care what show you are from...Yum!Don't push...I will take time to talk to all of you...I don't think you told me your real names...and you better not use a ALIAS!Where's my lawyer!...You were a good lawyer to Kramer on "Seinfeld"(and your father was on the "Original Mission Impossible")But I prefer a lady lawyerShe got them!I will close with the "Closer"
Just a few of the many actors that appreciate and support the writers...Thanks!

Let's not forget all of the people who because of the strike that has no job or money... writer assistants, stage hands, stage managers, extras, camera people, prop people, hair and make-up...Smitty...ect.

We all hope that the strike ends very soon.

LoVe Ya,


The only one who refused to take a picture was Jim Bulushi... he is now on GloZell's Ghetto Poo List ...Jim is just mad because his brother John is still more popular and more talented than Jim is. That's According to GLO



Kanye West motherDr. Donda West died ...and Kanye wasn't even on Dancing with the Stars...(somebody's parent is always dying on that show) Kanye West mother died due to complications from a tummy tuck and breast reduction. WHY didn't she just loose weight! WHY couldn't she just keep her fat belly and big boobies!

I wonder if ET is going to talk about Kayne West mother's funeral everyday for over two weeks like they did Donny and Marie Osmond's father. The Osmonds were on Oprah last week (all 5 million Osmonds) and now Donny says he might do "Dancing with the Stars". That's right Donny Dance your grief away.(Donny if you do a bad job dancing... just will keep you on the show a little worked for your sister)

At least Kayne West can find comfort in knowing that his mother died... better looking ...and knowing that Kayne West is very successful. She did a great job.