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It's 1,2,day 3 strikes Glo

I sign in in hopes of a slow day... I can go to crazy post tomorrow but not two days in a row Please!

In the line I see Joseph D. the head writer for the show"Saving Grace". I know him and his wife Beverly for years. It makes me feel better about the strike. I have be a little on the fence.

At my post today the goal was to keep people honking their horns!The noise bothers the executives.
I was next to Ellen writers who remembered me. I was Ellen's most favorite audience member her first year, she did most of her monologue about me once.
One of Ellen's writers told me that they are not mad at Ellen. The one I spoke to still is in touch with her. Ellen was told because she is in syndication her contrack forbids her to strike. She cares about her writers but she had to continue the show. This one writer said that they wished Ellen put her foot down for at least a week before caving in. They are upset with WB and Pixar! Not Ellen.

The Police told us that we were getting complaints about blocking cars!
Maurice stopped by. I told him since he is a "Film Producer" that he should hold a sign sometime"

Maurice = = Oh no I got to go to work.
GloZell = = Work?
Maurice= = Yes! As a film producer I've got to movie with Danny Glover is a go!
Shamim Singer/Song writer collected money at her recording studio and bought Subway sandwiches! Shamim said that she has written a song about royalties and understands the strike...for more info so much

Holding the food is fellow striker Film Maker Mark Banker.

Ross the Intern = = You back again?
GloZell = = (do not tell him you love him, you will creep him out GloZell) I Love you Ross !
Ross the Intern = = I love you too. Do you know were the Tonight Show writers are?
I told him, on his way back I asked for a picture... Love Ross... with technology the way it is now...I think I could be his baby daddy.
I'm holding a sign that says "HONK"...If people honk does that make them Honkies?
I should make a sign that says "Thank You Honkies"or "I Love Honkies!".
Beverly (Joseph's wife) came by with "Union Cookies" for everyone.
Maurice is back...What happen to going to work?
Maurice== Oh the restaurant doesn't need me until Monday.(Restaurant?...okay)

Kentucky Fried Chicken dropped off Chicken Strip meals for the Stirkers.
Maurice umm I see you have joined the strike... You missed the Subway sandwiches....
Maurice= = When do they come? (the most Ghettoest strikers of all...yep we stopped to eat fried grease all on the sign)
One of the strikers told me that Jay was told that in two weeks he has to do the show or the rest of the staff is fired! Jay would just do interviews and no monologue.

That might be what Ellen was going through...what do I do if the Tonight Show starts with out the writers? Get up early..get my the show...then picket after the show?
Someone toldl me that 48% of writers are out of work and any one time. The residuals are a big deal!This strike is about the writers getting what they work hard for and what they deserve! So tell that to your anonymous person from yesterday.

Today Show Runners participated. From what I can gather they are producers who can be forced to continue a show without writers even tho they don't want to. That was nice to know that not all producers are against the writers.

(My Captain (on the right) had energy all day)
I feel like parents are splitting up and you just want them to talk and work it out. I want the strike to be over! I can't believe it's just day 3.

My feet and legs ache but if I love Television I have to love and support the writers. This strike is supporting the writers...right? What's a actor without a script...nothing. I wonder if there are writers who are choosing not to strike or don't think the strike is right?

Beverly and husband Joe...A family who writes together...strikes together...ahhhh
Man! The sun is killing me...By the end of this strike I'm going to be blacker than a hundred midnights...might as well start calling me Wesley Snipes.
New Chants of the day: Ready Okay!
Jeff Zuker wants my home...tell him to pick up the D***phone... and talk to me, ooh to me.


Ellen is no friend of mine! She dumped the dog and cross the line! (That was funny)

I'm going to soak in a hot bath and get ready for tomorrow.

LoVe Ya,


This just in "Anonymous". from yesterday .. I will call this person "Z". Z just informed me that they have been approached to write a few things for a show that is on the air now that need scripts.

Z was proud about it! Z knows that on the show Z works for, they are using writers and put them in a secret location. Not in the same building as the show...Z show must go on. The crazy thing is Z is going to write Z in the show(a small part) and no one(except the people who hired Z) is going to know that Z is one of the ones writing it. Not even the actors.