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Strike 2 Glo...


As I walked to sign up form my post, I heard "Hey GloZell" was a young lady I met Friday who loves the Backstreet Boys...she said that BSB are going to be on Ellen Show today.
GloZell == What? No I don't think Ellen would cross the picket line...then I realized that she was inside the gate and that Ellen staff had to have opened it. You can't stop Backstreet Boys Fans!
I don't know what to think of this strike...

When I got to my post I told everyone that Ellen is doing a show...No one believed me. Oh well

I heard things like "Your a douche bag!" if they were driving a regular car and "Your a rich Douche bag" if it was a fancy car, and that was from strikers to people who were going to work at NBC.
Joe Medeiros (the Head Writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno) formally introduced himself to me and passed out chants if we wanted to say them don't yell negative things...Wow he's great!
We stopped a Teamster truck from entering... I have to give Eric Bernt credit for that. He asked the driver if he would honor the strike and the guy just turned around!
It was nice to meet woman writers like Cheryl Holliday who has written sit coms for over 15 years! She is holding a sign made by a child of a NBC worker.(Some do support the strike)
One guy cut the corner I said" Wow" because he came out of nowhere and almost hit me and the guy next to me. The guy next to me sign dropped and touched the guys car. Oh no...the man did a U-turn and started yelling"Hey that guy hit my car..that guy hit my car.
Our captain Deepika quickly went over to calm him down...

Deepika = = Sorry Sir, I'm sure it was an accident. No one meant to touch your car.

Mad man == That guy touched my car! What is his name! What is his name, I'm not scared to say mine. I'm Andy Shubert and that a** hole hit my car!

Deepika = = calm down Sir. No one meant to do anything to you. Sorry.
Andy Shubert == Why won't that guy come over here! Tell that guy to come over here! What is that guys name!(He was so mad) I got to go to work now, I'm an editor and I've got to go to work! A**hole!(he drove off)

Depika left to go report the incident.

We went back to walking in a circle...then

GloZell== Oh snap! That guy is Walking towards us!

Andy is walking back yelling" F**k you ! Eric Bernt (who wrote the remake of the movie"Hitcher") stepped in front of Andy to calm him down...Erick B. was like Sir just let it go...

Andy= = Eat Me you f***ing B**ch. I'm going to call the police! I'm not hiding!
Another striker said to Andy" It's day to of a strike just let it go"

Andy == You guys are going to be striking for a long time! Then he left.
I do understand that his car was touched (No damage) I think if he had gotten a apology from the guy who touched his car maybe it wouldn't have gotten so heated! Next time Andy let it go!
Andy was way to upset for the striker guy to even go up to him so striker guy stayed away.
Then Peter S. came over and explained that most of the people support us. Let's not yell at people or block their cars... we don't need to give any one a reason to get mad at us...we want a peaceful strike..can you stop taking pictures right now GloZell?...(oops sorry Peter I was capturing the moment)
Then what in the world ?'s a's a's Jay Leno!
He was in a motorcycle thing that looked like it came from the set of "Hogan's Hero's".

Jay passed out Krispy Kream Doughnuts! It's not like it was early and News people were around. We were off the main path and Jay took the time to talk to us. That's why I love him so!
I saw so many people who work for the show still coming to work. I think if they are on contract they still get paid but have to show up!

Teamster Truck went through!

Oh it's Ross the Intern... I must have said I love you 12 times...I probably scared him.
The heat got to some of us! (all in fun)
The goal was to stop Teamsters from going into NBC. This one went through. Deepika our captian was friendly and respectful to the Teamster. Deepika said that they might go in today but change tomorrow or some other day...

Hey reporter guy we see you!
This is Lamont Ferell who I hadn't seen since I was in the comedy clubs! He has three comedy CD that he wrote and his own business now! or 887-624-3043. Joe Medeiros tells us that Ellen is doing a show...(I knew that 8.50 AM this morning.) The writers were just heart broken that Ellen crossed the picket line.

A special thanks to Joe Medeiros and Peter S. who walk to every station and keep things calm. Always reminding us to be as friendly as possible.
(That's important because you have writers who are striking for money they believed is the cold mornings, the hot afternoons,walking the whole time, seeing your coworkers go to work...all that adds up and it's only day two. You have to keep tempers way down it might be a long road)

I asked a writer if Ellen did a show without a script would the writers still be upset. Yes because writers need all the support they can get. It doesn't help the strike when Ellen continues to have a show.

A writer passed by in a car yelling " Ellen "F**ked Us"! I wonder if Ellen is going to address why she crossed.All of her writers were striking outside... who wrote her show?

Scabs== people who write for a show during a writer's strike.


A van pulls up and this very friendly guy Scott Valentino from Dakota's Stake House gives us all Tri tip sandwiches, mashed red potatoes and coleslaw! It was delicious! Scott said" My kids don't want to watch reruns" Hey that's great. How nice is that!(perfect timing)

Then the owner of Dakota's Mr.Adam Stern stopped by to see if we were full and to tell us that he supports the writers!

Please eat at DAKOTA'S THE GREAT STEAK HOUSE 67 west Easy Street,#125 Simi Valley, Ca 93065 (805) 582-1718 The food is terrific!

On the way to my car I saw more people who I met Friday going to the Ellen Show.If there is a show the fans don't care about a strike!


I'm learning and I only hear the writers is a point of view from someone who asked to remain anonymous...

Someone = = In order for the strike to be effective it would have to go a long time. When the strike is over the writers will have gained nothing. Writers will submit scripts under different names in order to work. The last strike restaurants, cleaners, florists and plenty of business's went under...people lost their homes...the writers are selfish and the Strike should be the last last last resort. The writers should continue to work but kept negotiating.

The writers will only hurt themselves and cause plenty of business for the Internet and Reality Shows! I am not a writer but I work in the industry(wardrobe for shows) and the last time their was a strike I was asked to write. And I did (under a different name)...If I'm asked this time I will again.

GloZell== When the writers came back weren't they mad at you? You didn't feel bad about stabbing your coworkers in the back?

Someone = = I was getting paid and they never knew I did it...I'm sure they did it also...I bet the same people who are picketing with you are also sending in scripts...people have to eat...

When the camera men went on strike, the produces and secretaries were the camera took longer to shoot but studios got it done with out them. Just don't mess with the teamsters that will get you into trouble.


GloZell = =I don't know what to think? I never thought I would miss Smitty. I can't wait for theTonight Show with Jay Leno to start up again.