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Strike 5 Glo's Alive....

I love reporter Elizabeth Espinoza from channel Fox! I watch it Monday-Friday mornings! I was the first person to sign in! I help sign people in and pass out signs!I love this comedian! He was great on the show "Just Shoot Me"

Kevin from "ET" and Tom (wouldn't shut up ) Arnold! Tom was non stop talking. I took the picture and walked away and Tom was still talking...He is so funny and weird. Got 2 love him!
Frangela are the best woman's comedic team!Love Them!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Star and My Big Fat Black behind!
The Police help to monitor the crowed!

I love Jason and Justine Bateman!
I use to watch her on GH and then on the show Vegas...(something bit my back during this picture...)
Just kicking it with Julia and GARY ! I mean Picking it.
I have no idea how to turn this picture around! Reno 911 in the house!

I love American Pie...One time in Band Camp...
This is the writer of Fast Times at Richmont High!
And "Almost Famous"
I am a big fan of Gary Marshall...Boyfriend and I go to most of his shows at his theater in Burbank!

Valerie from the show RHODA!
The Writer and one of the stars of 90210!
Cheers to you GloZell!

The front said I'm Mad and this is the back of my sign! (cute)

Sign read:My name is Elliot and I am 15 years old...residuals help pay for my heath care!
Hey that's Joe M.(Head Writer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
Everyone was saying how wrong Ellen is for doing her show! "Ellen is no friend of mine, she danced across the picket line.
All of these people can't be wrong! Come out and support the Writers Strike!
I had a great time... So many people support the strike.That's a great feeling. See you out Monday!