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Strike Day 16?....GloZell Green!

Thanks to all of the writers,producers,actors and fans who came out to support the writers!

Alicia Keys...Have you seen Jay Leno?(No)...who have you seen?(No oooone)Thanks!
Ray Romano..Have you see Jay Leno...(No I'm a bigger star anyways...You can follow me around if he doesn't' want his own friendly stalker...Everybody loves Jay)
Deborah Messing...I loved you on "Will and Grace" but have you seen Jay Leno?..(No)
Hey aren't you the President of SAG?Alan Rosenberg!...I loved you on West Wing...can you use some of your power to find Jay Leno?(No)... Connie have you seen Jay Leno? (No)Terese have you seen Jay Leno?...(No I'm too cool to be looking for a dude!)...too cool...
Hey you are a nerd...have you seen Jay Leno?...(NO! )Don't take revenge out on me! Excuse me Mrs. Army Wife...have you seen Jay Leno?...(Leave me alone!)Sam Harris! I love me some Sam! You tore up 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...and I love you on Broadway.. you are so down to earth and not a Divo...( Yes, now where is my Light?)That's better... Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!How am I suppose to find Jay with thousands of WGA Supporters!
I need a hound dog to find Jay...This dog looks too ferocious ! Teamsters?
Max(who goes to the Tonight Show frequently) Have you seen Jay?(Nope) Any one seen my Boo?(Jay Leno)Yes, I believe that you are living on the streets because you sold your script to a dog bone!Sir I am not going to hug you...or pay you for your interesting story...Beverly.. and husband Joe...hide me! Joe you write for "Saving Grace" GloZell from the strange hugging man!/writer. NO cupcakes! I have had pounds of sugar for three weeks!Okay...Why should I take out my frustration on this innocent cupcake!Oh well...Producers you have to make the writers a contract they can't refuse! I want to watch The Tonight Show with a the real Live Jay Leno!...Today was my first time on the Metro by myself..I was so happy to see Erick(one of my Strike Captains and his girlfriend)

I think you are suppose to count the weekend days I think it's day 16. So many people came out to support...I hope the strike ends soon.


How to wash your strike shirt!...I don't care! Just wash it!

It's okay it you have the early shift...6am to 10. But if you stay latter, the sun will let you know that ONE funky strike shirt has got to hit some water...I don't care what body of water...lake, ocean, pool!

When we go around in circles one way it's fine...then the circle turns and I get down wind. Oh Zell to the No! It smells like Gorilla in the Mist! And today with thousands of people...child we were too close for the funk!

Taking a bath then putting on a stank behind shirt= Stank! The sun cooks the cake growing under your arm! The writers are on strike not the Deodorant makers Ok...I hope you are sure!

How can you stand next to all of those stars knowing you smell like hot donkey?

We are all grown...Please don't make me call you out funky pig pens!

Producers 4 cents can help dirtywriters buy some Tide!...okay