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Strike Day 21... Glo is a Son of a Gun!

It was quiet day...everyone was talking about the outcome of today's meeting to end this Strike!

Word on the street :(street meaning Alameda...Ave.)

is that Jay will go back to the Tonight Show if the Strike continues much longer...
Jay has gotten pay for the writers for four weeks. Jay is a nice guy who is in good on both sides and the show has been loosing so much money.

David Letterman has better ratings during the strike. Most people watch Leno so David's reruns are new.

Jeff Zuker told Jay that he (Jeff) is forced to get a guest host for the show! Good luck with that Jeffery!( I wonder if Jeff is the nice older guy who walks around the Tonight Show with a gray Toupee ...I've seen corpse less stiff than that thing)

Fans for Writers brought pizza!

Dickens is a strike puppy... and will attack if he has too.Don't let that cute face fool you. WOOF!

I also met strike wolfs.

I would like to give a shout out to Wendy Stein! I wouldn't know you if you slap me in my face but I heard good things about you plus you work for the Tonight Show with My Boo(Jay Leno)(Please don't slap me cuz I'm not in the mood)
If anyone wants a Christmas Tree my church (First Christan Church of North Hollywood) is selling them. ALL of the money go to children's charities. (Corner of Colfax and Moorpark)
All types and sizes...for homes and business.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Things I miss about the Tonight Show (part 1)

The bongo player who is so happy and gay all the time.(Gay people have a sense a humor...that's why they are called Gay=Happy)

The way the singer works the crowed during the breaks... I can always tell who is GLADD to go to work.(Glad=Happy)

I miss the sweat under the singer's armpits... even though it's colder than a witches tit in the studio.

(Funny...I can't get threaten to be kicked out of the Tonight Show this time Sistah...I'm already outside! Ha!) LoVe Ya.
(I will put up Thanksgiving pictures and extra on Friday because we don't strike on Friday's now) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I don't get the latest Charmin Toilet Paper Commercial.
A blue and a red bear are running on the beach...heading towards two port-o-potties!

Are there bears on the beach? Not to mention being blue and red and running upright.Brown Bear in the woods...fine...but the beach?

Red bear likes extra strong...and blue likes extra soft.
Then two rows of paper are sprayed with water...three pound blocks are placed on each. The Charmin side doesn't tear apart but the other brand does.

If you need toilet paper that can pull three pounds while wet...Charmin is not the answer Okay! (How strong does toilet paper need to be? Do people try to...catch it or something?)

I would love to see the Charmin ideas that were turned down. (Elephants on Mountains! Brilliant idea...that will sell lots of toilet paper)

Someone said" Yes this is brilliant! Bears running to the bathroom at the beach! "....So stupid everyone goes in the water.