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Strike Day Nine...GloZell has lost her mind!

Last week I was dying after walking four hours in the sun...This week I have been getting up early...stretching before I strike...and READING! This is not the couch potato that I am. This strike must end!

Today the energy was much better than yesterday! John Edwards will be coming to the strike line tomorrow. I think he's coming second shift.

The strikers were talking about the fact that Ellen has done a show in Los Vegas but canceled the two she was going to do in New York...New York! Is she crazy...the strikers don't play in N.Y. They took out Anti-Ellen Ads in the paper.

Maurice came by and asked" Where's the food?" (G to the hetto) No one brought any today.
Maurice--Well I'm going to Taco Bell I get food free cause I work there, y'all tripping today (so that's the restaurant he works for)
Some people dropped off cream to help with tired muscles to all of the strikers(David Mulligan on the right)

Greg stopped by to tell me that the contest he was working so hard to get people to wear a t-shirt was called off.(Thanks Greg for keeping me informed)
I need this strike to be over! I need television and when all of the episodes are done...It's going to get ugly. Bad reality TV

These are your pictures this week GloZell

Big Lips Resting on Sign Striker
Peek-a-boo Striker
Angry Striker
Distress Striker
Sexy Striker

This was your best Photo:
Congratulations you are still in the running for being "Americas Next Top Striker"(GloZell the sun is getting to you)

OJ (Dumb J) had a trial to see if he is going to trial for robbery and probably something else. Now he is going to have a trial. He got away with murder and just couldn't move to Mexico or something? OJ is going to get squeezed this time...
Kanye West mother was a smart woman. Dr. D. West. She had the money to have health food delivered...She wasn't that big too me. If she just had to get something done...why not the gap in her teeth? (She was just fine)

Dr. West knew she had a heart condition and was turned down by one plastic surgeon. She should have had the doctor she went to checked out...women are coming out of the woodwork saying how that doctor messed up on them and scarred them for life...they are the lucky ones.

Dr. West was determined and was going to do what she wanted to do. Plenty of people get plastic surgery, and her death isn't going to stop anyone from getting it done.(If I want to get something done...I will) At least she was with Kanye for all of his great accomplishments...some people don't get that. I hope that she got the desired look she was going for. I would hope that she passed away at least liking her new body.
What in the world is going on with poor Marie Osmond... she faints...father dies...son in rehab..and still going through a divorce. Meanwhile still on Dancing with the Stars Oprah and other shows... Donny is a corespondent for ET laughing and old clips of Donny and Marie Show. Marie honey it's not worth it...take a break!

Why are people scattering their love one's ashes at Disney World?...Do people love that big black rat that much? The number one place is the water on the"Pirates of Caribbean" ride. I guess it's comforting to know that every time you hear "Row hoe hoe hoe" Grandma is alright.
What happen to the good ole' days when you just got buried in the back yard!
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit bought a island shaped like Ethiopia...How stupid do they think Zahara is going to be..."What this is not my home land? You fooled me!"