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Glo to the World!...

I didn't want to wear the strike shirt today(ha ha Joe!)...and not wearing one didn't Pimped My Strike Shirt!A few people who were in on the negotiations, came out to inform the strikers!"Were not going to take just anything"...They need to put something good on the table by the 15...We were interrupted by beautiful women passing out Tequila shaped like...I can't put my finger on it, but I have seen that shape somewhere before...Everyone loved the shape...(Bob and Hope)Ellen...(and Bob)Bob( who I guess love "Raiders of the Lost Ark") must really like Tequila...he let this young lady hold his sign... I must really look like I need to get some...Tequila because they gave me two... It's been on the news everyday that Jay gave Christmas Bonuses(That didn't amount to much) and that 80 people were fired from his show...

I think that makes Jay look bad...but Jay doesn't have to give out anything if he doesn't want to... Jay is to cheap to himself new clothes, what did they really expect?
(if Writers show WGA card...Drew Carey will pay for a meal at Bob's Big Boy)

How long do you keep people on staff when their is no show?...But there are more than 80 people who work on the Tonight Show...they just got rid of people they wanted to get rid of... Does anyone know anything about this?(Besides Joe)

(Oooh there's Joe (Head writer of The Tonight Show..he is everywhere!...I will just keep walking)

Joe == Hi GloZell
GloZell ==(Man!)...Hi..(keep walking)
Joe== How you doing?
GloZell==(This man is killing me with kindness...What kind of evil does he practice?)
I'm doing just great Joe...

Joe== You can't look me in the eyes when you talk to me GloZell?
GloZell===(Oh no he didn't)
Joe==(Oh yes I did)

GloZell== Well you have on your shades...
Joe==(takes off his shades)
GloZell== I'm doing just fine Joe...(He is making it very hard for me to stay mad at him but I will continue to try! He snapped at me last Tuesday!)

Joe==( walking off) Great outfit..
GloZell==(Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh he thinks he can handle me!...hmmm........................I like that)

It is 400% out side...Why is this striker wearing a hot behind leather jacket? And here is sidekick...Shaft...(you are not that cool to pull of that long coat today brother man)I know I want the strike over also...(Producers look at this face! How do you sleep at night?)Pay my Daddy to write again!Woof..Beverly M.( Brought Strike cookies!Beverly M. and her husband Joe D. (head writer for"Saving Grace") "Saving Grace" writers!...Kenny (in black) is super fine!( I'm stalking the wrong show)I am so glad that Beverly never looks at my blog... She would get me for this picture...(Cute ha ha ha...)Larry Wilbourn from the Negotiation Committee...(I remember him from "The Daily News with Jon Stewart")Larry was saying how important it was that SAG is supporting this strike...(This great actor was on Thirty Something) long ago was that show?Maurice! Did you get some of the Tequila?'s Wiley! I met him several times while I was in line for the Tonight Show!
How do you feel about the strike? AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Great answer!This young Motivational Speaker from hugged and gave out kisses to the all the Strikers!Peter and Joe(Tonight Show writers) spoke to everyone "Stay encourage...keep Striking...We will Win!"Everyone was upbeat and positive that the strike will favor the matter how long it takes...the writers will strike...
Sean Taylor's funeral was today in Miami (NFL Football player who was murder in his home) His whole team attended the service.
Sean's Baby Momma is Andy Garcia's so sad... I'm from Orlando was so sad that my sister wasn't at the funeral! It's only a few hours away...all those fine black men... in tailor suits...with good jobs...and medical... in one place!...she better not miss the next sad.

Who's the Naughty Striker Girl?...