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Glo Upon a Late Night Dream...

G== Jay I just wanted you know that the Strike is driving us all nuts...and..What I said about your flat behind not walking and...being on the fence... J == I don't want to hear it GloZell!...It's been rough on me also.. people are getting writers are striking! And then YOU! Some # 1. Fan!G == What I can't have an opinion!...I can't get mad at you once out of the million of great things I have said! Give me a break! No one wants to see you mope around...Man up Jay!

J == You don't know every are entitled to an opinion as long as it doesn't go against the Tonight Show Producers!

G == Ha ha ha
Jay== I'm serious!

G== Oh...sorry
Jay == We cool GloZell...this strike will be over soon! It's been tougher than I thought. I need a drink.

G == I got just the thing. ..I got it at the Strike. Jay == Thanks...(I've seen this shape somewhere?)

G== Your welcome...I guess I will go now. Jay == Wait GloZell...Do you want some?G== Thanks! Jay this is good... Sorry about your stress... you do have pretty eyes they are dreamy!

J== You have pretty lips GloZell...I always noticed you...from the first day you came to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You are like a roach that wouldn't go away.

G== Sorry I said you were a hot mess when you were on TMZ...

Jay == I will be more positive...even if it's a brave front...I never want you mad at me again my Brown Rose! You got guts!Cue Song: Endless Love

G== Roach huh? Jay you are so romantic...

Jay == Come Closer!

G== What about Boyfrined.?..What about Mavis your wife of 28 years !

Jay ==Mavis is real...this is just bad hair from GloZell's Cheep Wig Collection... Now come here woman!
Who is the King of Late Night..
John Melendez === Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenoooooooooo!
Jay== John Melendez is in your fantasies?
G== Well sometimes you are not available...

Jay == Whatever... as we were... I don't... want anymore... trouble out of

G == Yes Jay Yes!

Jay ==Tnod hctaw ZMT! Tnod Hctaw ZMT!


Jay == I said Don't watch TMZ!..I'm dyslexic

Glo == You use dyslexia way to much...I think it's your large face that gets in the way! I suggest you do some tongue twisters massage you cheeks and you will be fine.

Jay== On the behalf of my self and NBC we are sick of you and your stupid suggestions! Now turn around...B-otch! Take That!

G== Now you turn around Mr...You positive when... NBC. Take that! Cue Lights(giggle...giggle..) G== My hat looks good on you...G == Wow! Once you had've had a Stallion..Jay == Wow! Once you had Glo...don't need no mo!J== It's cold..Do you have a towel?...Cute...real cute GloZell
Jay== I got to go before you wake up! I Love You GloZellThere's no man like Jay...There's no man like Jay...There's no man like Jay...
I'm your roach baby!You like my lips Jay...I knew it...What the? Where am I?It was all a dream... I was going to the Tonight Show... and... started this blog... then I went on the WGA strike...then I got mad at Jay....It was all a dream! Like Dallas or Bob NewhartThat means Jay don't love me...Oh well. ---------------------
It's too late for me to go to the WGA rally today... It was going to rain and mess up my hair...I paid too much for my hair. I would have to attend 7 Carson Daly Shows to make that money back.