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Glo Vs. Jay

Last night I'm up watching "I love New York"(which was so good) "Salt-n-Pepa" and "Gotti's Way"...I just couldn't go to sleep...Finally tuned to TMZ...It wasn't good, same old same...then "We caught up with Jay Leno coming out of his Sunday performance"

GloZell(talking to the TV)==Jay don't talk...just go to the car..

Jay==Oh it's TMZ sure I will talk to you .
GloZell==DON"T JAY... WALK YOUR TO THE CAR! YMZ== Jay are you paying the writers?
(this is what I got out of the interview...if you saw it and know something else please let me know)
Jay== Yes...I support the writers and we have been taking it week by week.

Jay covers the camera twice with his jacket...and once with this red gift bag..

Jay was a HOT Mess! Does he not have answers to this question?...I do understand that he was caught off guard because... who follows Jay...
------------------ Today at the Strike sign in ... who pulls up...Jay Leno!...(he looks so sad in his tiny light blue car, that's the same color of his beautiful eyes... his thick grey skunk like colored hair was tussled.. ( GloZell no one cares about that)

Jay is talking to Joe M. (Head writer of the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno)...I wait because two strikers asked me if Jay was kind enough to shake hands with them...

GloZell== Sure Jay has always been friendly with his I will ask him for a picture with you two because he hasn't been seen with the strikers in a while and this will look good for him.

(Tonight Show writer) Peter== Ah.. you guys can go to Alameda..
The two guys head off...

GloZell== guys have been walking everyday of this strike...I am going to ask for a picture Jay he won't mind. Peter is it alright?

Peter==I don't know..

Jay is done talking to Joe M.

GloZell (with all the confidence in the world)== Excuse me Jay is it alright if I take a picture of you with those two strikers?

Jay== I don't want to be on any blog because everything I say is always turned around.

GloZell== You are one interview too late because I saw you on TMZ last night and you looked a hot mess all by yourself...(Yes I did say that to him...Jay just looked at me and drove off)
To James Douglas Muir Leno(Jay Leno) 1st of all....I never told you I had a blog...never ever brought my blog up to I was pleased that you knew about it...( I can only guess until it's confirmed )

2ND. If you don't want to talk to the strikers...don't come around! Joe M. has a phone! (if not he can buy one with his Christmas bonus)How stupid do I feel/look striking with YOUR writers who I thought YOU were for, and you look like and act like this strike is killing you. I have yet to see your flat behind walking in the sun for a month! So don't look can only feel just so sorry for you Mr. Leno Sir.

3rd. Jay, if you want to do the the show!...and deal with whatever can't be on both sides...people will understand it's your last year(you have a lot of dedicated fans) honored the strike for four weeks... but don't you DARE come around NBC looking all sad like someone kicked your cat...( you can kiss my sitting outside for over a a fool, to see you in the cold, hot, smokey, rainy, and now striking, pimple on the right cheek, huge black behind) JUST SOME BLOG! ...This blog was dedicated to YOU and all the things that happen around the Tonight Show because of YOU JAY! So grow some balls and deal! You can come up with a time target like... give the strike till January then go back...or something, doughnut man.

Jay you are allowed to change your" I was hoping that this strike would end sooner..because of the layoffs of my staff, my dedication to my fans and emloyers, with this being my last year at T.S....I will not do a monologue but I will do the show"...or NOT... just pick. IF / when I or anyone see you at NBC ..Smile...Wave ...that keeps the people who ARE striking encourage.(Respect that) Strikers are doing what they feel is right...are you Jay? Do what you have to do for yourself...(and yes you did look good today).......(GloZell don't try to sweet talk him now... you will never be apart of the Tonight Show...and that's okay) This is the first time I agree with this question...Jay why the long face? (and IF you havn't... Pay your writers something!)

I'm glad Martain Luther King never showed up to a Strike /March and was like..".I..I.. might not get there with you hah...I had a dream... thatah we were still sitting at the back of the bus...and it was roomy... it's not so it?
Jay has enough people kissing up to him...I am not the one!
The strike is getting to's a day by day thing. It might be over tomorrow...or next year.
This is a piece of GloZell's Ghetto Striker Clothes Line...Erik who come from Valencia by Bus everyday! Great guy...Maruice showed up today...A note was on the T.S. Door today...Just turn your computers around..
WRITE AID dropped off raisins to the strikers...

Thanks to the supporters of the strike...The strike will end one day...soon I hope.------------------------------------

MORE GLOZELL GHETTO GRIPE?(just don't say balls okay)

Why is this book at my church?...If you just have to be a Tramp...Lord Tramps are not sexy..