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I didn't go to the Strike Rally today because it was raining and no one is buying me some new hair...Okay.
Phone call with sister:

Dee--I hate black people

GloZell-- What?

D----I got my hair done and the stupid girl ran out of thread! My weave wasn't done and I had to go to church !

GloZell--I guess you did the Blue light Special at someones house?

D--I get so mad! What kind of business is that! Didn't she know she needed some more thread! I had to go back.. after church...she wasn't on time...then it took forever because she was watching a movie during the whole thing.
GloZell--If white people could do black hair...I would go to them...maybe I could start a class in Nap-ology?
................................................................ (I didn't say that)

D--Okay...if white people knew black hair...I could get my hair done on TIME!

GloZell-- I can tell you a million hair stories...When I use to get twists..the girl would call me to do all kinds of things before I got to the Salon...once she ask me to pick up cut watermelon in cubes..chilled, with out seeds... a large bottle of Aquafina ...with Salt and Vinegar chips (Kettle Style)
Then she asked me to make phone calls for her baby shower (while doing my hair) as her belly bounced off my head, and face... she had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes breathing hard in my ear... didn't invite me to her stank party!... I paid and tipped her...that was my last time going...ha ha...Dee....Dee...DeOnzell...
(Dee hung up on me because she says I always start talking about myself)

I called her back...

G---De..I am coming in on the 24TH.... at 10PM. (I will still be in Florida when the Tonight Show restarts Jan. 2nd)

G--It was the cheapest flight.
D--I have to spend Gloria's birthday by myself!G--I will take the rest of the time with Mom (Gloria)
D---Yeah but you like hanging around mom and her friends.G-- You will have a week off...just make it through the 24Th

D--I hate you...bye...(click)

G--(can't wait to go home now!)

One time at a spa...I pull back the covers and the guy had a Swastika tattooed on his back...the whole time I thought he was going to hurt me....
I googled Swastika...and some of what was said about the symbol...(you can do the same to read entire) Not my words..

The first signs were found in the Euphrates-Tigris Valley and some parts of the Indus Valley, as well as on coins in Ancient Troy or today's north-western part of Turkey. The Sumerians used the Swastika, but neither their successors the Babylonians and Assyrians, nor the Egyptians seem to have used it.
The Ancient Greek and the Persians did though The Ancient Greek and the Persians did though. Most other Ancient cultures in Eurasia did use it as well.

The Swastika is an ancient religious symbol dating back 3000 years. In the Buddhist tradition of India, the Swastika is referred to as "The Seal on Buddha's Heart". In Japanese and Chinese Buddhism, a Swastika often appears on the chest of images of Gautama Buddha
Coca-Cola has donated money to help those who were involved in forced labour during the Nazi years in Austria and Germany, but Mr Wilkinson said this was good corporate practice and not an admission of guilt. 2003 28 Hong Kong dollars, or $3.60, with any purchase of six bottles of Coke. The figurines stand on small plastic pedestals with Coca-Cola logos on them.

Hindus want to 'reclaim' swastika Hindus have been using the swastika for centuries, whereas it was only adopted by Hitler comparatively recently, in the 1920s and 1930s. It's like saying the Ku Klux Klan burn crosses so therefore let's ban the use of crosses worldwide."
'It's a Positive symbol' (maybe it started that way) Oops! The Navy’s Coronado amphibious base and barracks, built in the 1960s, actually look like a giant swastika from the sky - as recently discovered by Google Earth. Now, the US Navy is going to spend as much as $600,000 on landscaping and architectural modification to hide the shape.
You can turn anything meant for good bad...but can you turn around the Swastika?...Would you want a Swastika anywhere around you...The symbol is baned in Germany.