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Glo..Everyone feels sorry for Jay!

Breakfast Saturday:

Bill Hayes (From Days of Our Lives) = = GloZell how is Jay Leno doing during the strike? GloZell ( Am I Jay's keeper?) I don't think he is doing well at all. He seems to be depressed or just grouchy or something. He comes to NBC everyday and talks to his writers...( I feel sorry for the writers because Jay hasn't been in a good mood...isn't it worse for the writers?
Bill Hayes== I will be glad when the strike is over... but negotiations just broke down.

GloZell== What does that mean?

Bill Hayes == No one is talking...I have a daughter who does hair for the show " Brothers and Sisters" and now she doesn't have a job.

GloZell == I tuned in to watch that show... but I didn't see any Brothers or Sisters...they should just call it "White Family".

Bill Hayes == Ha ha ha...never thought of it that way...


Z ( Who works on General Hospital)== This strike is messing up a lot of people who won't be able to recover...ever. The writers didn't have to strike.

GloZell== I have to believe that the writers think they have a great chance of getting what they want if they just ride it out.

Z== They are wrong.

GloZell== So Soap Operas are not apart of this strike?...because I see Bill ,his wife and other Day's actors going to work at NBC...

Z== I don't know how it works for Day's but for G.H. we still get just doesn't have any one's name on no one knows who is writing them but they keep coming.

GloZell == How do they get paid?

Z== That's easy to cover... it can hide under any exspence...G.H. is smart enough not to have a paper trail. These scrips are pretty good...I don't ask any questions...I'm just mad that we are not having a Holiday Party this year...they are so cheap!

GloZell== I'm figuring out what to do after the strike...I'm not returning to the Tonight time is up. Z== I can't believe it...GloZell not at the Tonight Show?...It's not much but I can get you a extra part on can be a nurse... no lines or anything.

GloZell== I think I will take you up on that...but after the strike.
That night at Hollywood and Highland I met up with Leslie(L.A.) and Rachel (New York) we all use to live in Orlando Florida... I ended up on the wrong floor and ran right into Maurice... he was meeting some friends from West Hollywood and was in a hurry. Heather(the Bartender) Rachel ...and Leslie Somehow I started talking about Jay's eyes (GloZell that's the only thing you talk about)

Rachel == You can get passed Jay's head? or it's not as big as it looks on TV.

GloZell== Jay does have a big head...and it appears to get bigger as you get closer to him...It looks like a prosthetic piece...but it's real. GloZell== With that head he had to be a works for him...makes him unique...and God has giving him the most beautiful blue eyes you will ever see... his head is no big deal.He dosn't take himself too seriously Leslie offered to let me hold her massage chair to take to the strike..(Thanks!)
We had a great time talking about the good old days... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sunday night: I found a grape juice shot from early morning Communion...(Can you have too much of the blood of Jesus? Don't tell him just in case)I'm practicing on the piano Christmas music for the 7:30 Service

a guy appears up on the pulpit.
Guy== Can I wait here for my daughter...I like Christmas music.
GloZell== Sure.

We ended up talking...Johnny was adopted and then was in the war and because of the GI Bill he went to collage and became a he just enjoys his life and his wife of 35 years. I had a great time talking to him.

Leslie came by to drop of the massage chair. GloZell== Who is your daughter?
Johnny's ==Church Librarian.

GloZell== The apple fell FAR from the tree.
Johnny== She means no harm...
GloZell==(She Growled at me!)
Maurice== I have a new project for the Si-Fi Chanel...this strike is holding up my movie! Ireane made buttons( How nice)
GloZell== Your buttons are ... I took the massage chair...I thought it would be my Christmas gift to anyone who wanted one.
It was well received...but I had to stay behind a tree just in case news people came by and did a story on how lazy and weak the Strikers are..."Strikers need Massages to keep up strike" Larry(I changed the name) Glo...Did you see Jay?
GloZell== No...I'm good.
Larry == Jay is always around back...that's where his writers are.

GloZell== Yeah I know....What do you think Jay is saying to them everyday?
Larry== When I was back there he was just complaining about the strike. I think Jay is going to go back to the show but he doesn't want his writers mad at him....

Larry== David Letterman owns his show and is probably laughing at's Jay's last year...and if Jay crosses the line he looks like a dick...but David can stay out as long as he wants.

GloZell== Complaining to the writers isn't going to do anything...they can't cross the line even if they wanted to.

Larry== No one is telling Jay anything...He comes by because he has nothing else to do and to find out what's going on...anything new..I feel sorry for Jay...I think he should go back...I don't care about late night.

GloZell== I think Jay should go back also... he looks pitiful. Larry == Johnny Carson went back...after 16 weeks or so...
GloZell== It hasn't been that long...but it is Jay's last year...I'm with whatever Jay wants to do...
Larry== Jay had some bad press over not paying his people... in the Variety Magazine Jay said how he is misunderstood and everything he says is turned around.

GloZell== I need to read that...I love Jay but if that is true...why not go to the Today Show,or Access Hollywood..Extra Extra...E.T. whichever ones that are owned by NBC?...they won't mess him up. Larry== Your right...I don't know...I like your outfit you look cute today.

GloZell== Thanks, that made my day.
Larry== We should go out sometime?
GloZell== I have a boyfriend..
Larry== I have a wife...we can go out just as friends...think about it.

GloZell's outfit from Dolce & GlobanaBeverly(Saving Grace) brought Stones! Yummy!We got healthy food from Eaturna-----------------------------


Did you see People Magazine with that actress in a bathing suit?...everyone has been calling her fat....I always loved Carnie Wilson and I think it's great that she is bold enough to wear a bathing suit in public.(that's not Carnie Wilson...that's Jennifer Love Hewitt)

What? That's ridiculous!...Jennifer didn't know she was fat? Jennifer Love Hewitt has no ankles...she has cankles...Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jennifer Love Hot dogs. Jennifer Love Ice cream. Jennifer Love Bread...What are the Ghost whispering to her? They whisper to her and talk behind her back...they need to speak up!She does has some junk in her trunk...She should change her name to Je-Kisha

Jennifer Love Hewitt said that a size two isn't fat...that's true but she isn't a size two...Jennifer might be a size two at the GAP...heck I'm a size two at the GAP!